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Bouncing Boy: Hot or Not?

A group of candid women with no real Legion knowledge have a go at the first "regular Joe" Legionnaire.
Our honorary Legion members are...
Art Girl -Taught an art workshop at the Academy once. Only Crystal Kid did well.
DJ Nath - Playing tunes at the Academy prom; not taking Comet Queen's requests. Co-star of Mind Linked, on You-Tube, with her sister Lip-Bomb.
Havana Nights - Teach poli sci at the Academy; flunked Power Boy.
Lip-Bomb - Shadow Kid's favorite teacher at the Academy, but he won't change his name to Eyeshadow Kid no matter what she says.
Shotgun - When someone needs to be expelled, she's the one they call.
Moderator: Siskoid - Tried to teach at the Academy, left claiming he was just too distracted by Laurel Kent's "costume".

First impressions on Bouncing Boy
Bouncing Boy (AKA Chuck Taine of Earth) accidentally drank a "super plastic formula" that now allows him to inflate and bounce, essentially turning into an invulnerable bouncing ball. A bit of a goofball (pun not intended), he was the Legion's self-appointed morale officer, a task he was well-suited for given his charming personality, good humor and listening skills. He's a dork and he knows it, which used to make him feel inadequate. For reasons we will only later disclose, he eventually left the Legion to become an instructor at Legion Academy, fostering the next generation of Legionnaires.

Art Girl: Awww cutest super-power!
Shotgun: Nope. His description is awesome but... nope.
DJ Nath: He sounds like the best guy ever.
Art Girl: Yaaaah, I want to hang with him so bad.
Havana Nights: Ok, so he's one of those crazy things you get in 25-cent machines.
Art Girl: Bouncy balls.
DJ Nath: Hahaha.
Siskoid: Are those still just 25¢?
DJ Nath: Nope.
Havana Nights: I wish.
Art Girl: They add taxes to those, Siskoid. And don't throw one in the winter or it explodes.
Shotgun: What? Really. Taking notes for next winter.
Lip-Bomb: He looks like a volleyball in the background. It's fantastic.
DJ Nath: He's so round, I bet he would be a good cuddler.
Havana Nights: I mean he seems sweet... I want to like him. But I don't think there's fire there.
Shotgun: Question is, is he actually comfy or really frikkin' hard?
DJ Nath: Also, silliest power ever, but so fun at parties.
Havana Nights: Useless for camping.
Art Girl: Hahahaha, comfy mattress, Havana?
Shotgun: Ok, I'm gonna say it, definitely not my type, physically.
Lip-Bomb: How do you accidentally drink super-plastic formula?
Siskoid: He thought it was soda pop.
Havana Nights: Of course he did.
DJ Nath: Ah well, how Willy Wonka!
Art Girl: The Legion have weird things happen to them in weird way. Stuff falls on there face, they drink weird soda... what's next?
Lip-Bomb: I hope there was one person in the background saying nooooooo! but was too late.

Siskoid: No but the narrator did.
Lip-Bomb: I like that he realizes mid-drink.
Shotgun: *I* like that he's already wearing his superhero outfit when it happens.
Siskoid: I wonder how many Legionnaire outfits are just everyday wear in the future.
DJ Nath: I'm not sure how often the power would be useful but I bet, like, every once in a while, he's the only man for the job.
Art Girl: You can always use a ball. You just don't know it yet.
Siskoid: The ball form is indestructible so it works in battle.
Shotgun: Ooooh nice!
DJ Nath: That's pretty badass.
Lip-Bomb: I mean, I guess the bouncing part can be useful. How do you fight a ball? You can't.
Shotgun: I can see how it could be useful in a fight or while renovating and stuff.
DJ Nath: I really hope he cannonballs every time he jumps in the water.
Art Girl: Hahahahahaha.
Shotgun: YES. EVERY DAY.
Art Girl: CATAPULT! Or roll him down a snowy hill and he becomes this HUGE SNOWBALL.
DJ Nath: He seems so nice, he would probably go with it, we're a-holes.
Havana Nights: But if he's a hard ball, how comfy would that actually be?
DJ Nath: Does the density change, Siskoid? Is he Santa one minute, and a cannonball the next?
Siskoid: I think the ball is pretty tight and hard, must be. His normal form is probably doughy.
Art Girl: Doughy hahahahaha, best description!
Havana Nights: Doughy boys can be nice and comfy. Like he's a teddy bear.
DJ Nath: Yeah, that's fun and comforting.
Havana Nights: That's very comforting, but not necessarily exciting. But his personality seems too nice for me.
Lip-Bomb: Does he giggle a lot? I hope he giggles a lot.
Art Girl: He snorts, in my mind!
DJ Nath: Something bothers me with his hands. I can't put my finger (haha) on it.
Lip-Bomb: I'm not a huge fan of the costume...
DJ Nath: Looks a bit like a bowling pin?
Lip-Bomb: It totally does.
Shotgun: His suit really is too generic.
Art Girl: Meh.
Shotgun: I feel like it had potential, but didn't realize it.
DJ Nath: The colors are fine, but nothing special.
Lip-Bomb: Why doesn't he have shoes?
Havana Nights: Tights.
Shotgun: They all have these no-shoes things.
Havana Nights: 'Cuz shoes would stick out or pop off of the ball.
Lip-Bomb: He's a bit too casual. It's like casual Sunday Bouncing Boy.
DJ Nath: His hair is pretty good actually, seems like a good texture.

On his facial hair
When he got older, he started growing facial hair.

Art Girl: Ohhh a beard. I am okay with this.
Siskoid: And I know those aren't necessarily flattering pics.
Lip-Bomb: That mustache... eww.
Art Girl: Yaaa no to the pornstache.
Shotgun: Pornstache is a no.
Havana Nights: He's more believable with a beard.
DJ Nath: I like that the beard makes him look like a sea captain.
Shotgun: Yeah, the full beard is pretty cool, but there's something with his eyes in that drawing.
Lip-Bomb: The beard one is cool. Decent hair as well.
Shotgun: I'd like him to smile at some point. That plays a big role for me.
Havana Nights: Well, he was smiling in the first pic.
Shotgun: More like laughing, not the same.
Art Girl: To my mind, he has the best smile. You just don't see it.
DJ Nath: Beard is a definite upgrade, it helps define his face.

On the animated Bouncing Boy
The animated series made gave him a "cooler" look, but he was basically the same character.
Havana Nights: Ugh.
Shotgun: Belly button!
Havana Nights: He looks like a Disney character.
Art Girl: I can't take this seriously.
Lip-Bomb: I love that they thought that this was making him cooler.
DJ Nath: I feel like the Legion emblem is a little too low? Just me?
Shotgun: It's awful.
Lip-Bomb: Nope, I agree. That's weird.
DJ Nath: Fingerless gloves Lip-Bomb, way cooler obviously.
Siskoid: In the future, there will be a glove finger penury.
Shotgun: Like, what were they thinking with that emblem?
Lip-Bomb: Dear God..
Art Girl: Hahahaha, the belly button decoration.
Shotgun: And at least try to put on a belt or something.
Lip-Bomb: Why is he wearing a cardigan?
Art Girl: I don't know, I am trying to figure this one out.
DJ Nath: He looks like he's wearing pjs.
Havana Nights: And why are the ears popping out of his suit?
Siskoid: You know how superhero hoods are notoriously hard to hear through.
Shotgun: That hair and glasses! Is he in an anime or something?
Art Girl: He reminds me of Wade in Kim Possible.
DJ Nath: The boots make him look like he has claws, so that's weird.
Lip-Bomb: Are those golden sunglasses or a hair accessory?
Siskoid: Yes, glasses. They come down.
Art Girl: Cool factor Lip-Bomb, it's cool. They made him cool.
DJ Nath: All in all though, still seems nice and approachable.
Lip-Bomb: He looks like he would have a very goofy voice.
DJ Nath: I feel like we could hang out and watch Netflix.
Havana Nights: At least he could probably cheer me up when I'm down.
Art Girl: He has the best clean jokes.
Lip-Bomb: Let's watch Netflix and order pizza.
Art Girl: And garlic fingers!!! Because I don't like pizza.
DJ Nath: You said he was a good listener and I can see that, he seems like he would bring me ice cream and let me vent.
Havana Nights: Then again, that might drive me nuts, to be cheered up all the time.
Shotgun: He would be a great friend for sure. And I think I'd like to hang out with him.
Lip-Bomb: Does he do puns? I could go for a bunch of bouncing and ball-related puns.
Art Girl: Ahahaha, yes he does. He has amazing puns.
Siskoid: Can I now reveal that he IS in a relationship?
Lip-Bomb: Oooh.
DJ Nath: I'm glad.
Shotgun: Really. Interesting.

On his relationship with Duo Damsel
The reason Bouncing Boy left the Legion was because he got married to Duo Damsel (originally, Triplicate Girl before one of her selves was killed in action). She is Luornu Durgo, and comes from the planet Cargg where everyone has the ability to split into three duplicates. She is resourceful, active, athletic, and outgoing. She enjoys simple and even old-fashioned pursuits: games, sports, writing, sewing, decorating, fashion. She originally had a crush on Superboy, but Bouncing Boy sense of humor and steadfast support (in the wake of her duplicate's death) eventually won her over and they now teach together at Legion Academy as husband and wife.

Shotgun: Holy crap!
Havana Nights: Well, that's sweet.
Art Girl: Woot! Sense of humor always wins.
DJ Nath: That's awesome.
Lip-Bomb: Well, that is simply adorable. But kinky!
DJ Nath: Can I be her when I grow up?
Shotgun: Wow... What a power to encourage awkward couple situations.
Lip-Bomb: Hahaha, loving the Kirsten Stewart hair.
Art Girl: That's a better love story than Twilight.
DJ Nath: And I really like orange and purple, so I'm sold on that.
Art Girl: Prepare yourselves, I am okay with the orange. It works well with the purple.
DJ Nath: Whoa.
Shotgun: What the hell happened to Art Girl? Bring her back!
Lip-Bomb: Is she getting electrocuted in the background?
Siskoid: That's the self that was killed by one of Brainiac 5's inventions.
Havana Nights: Sucks that she had to change her name because one of her selves died... I mean, of all the things to have to deal with.
Lip-Bomb: And every time someone accidentally calls you by your old name you get sad :( .
Shotgun: Kinda enjoy the power though.
DJ Nath: But yeah, that must be pretty traumatic, glad he was there for her.
Shotgun: She would be cool to hang out with.
Havana Nights: I'd go camping with her for sure!
Art Girl: Hahaha.
DJ Nath: Aww so cute.
Shotgun: Well good for him.
DJ Nath: He seems so sweet and loving, I like him.
Havana Nights: He's like the opposite of that creep, Sun Boy.
DJ Nath: Basically.
Art Girl: Yes.
Shotgun: Totally.
Art Girl: Sun Boy has nothing on him. Sun Boy is dirt.
Lip-Bomb: I'm digging the outfit. Was it originally three colors and now two?
Siskoid: No, the mini-skirt (and the swimsuit in the surprint) was the same three times originally.
Art Girl: Summer wear?
Lip-Bomb: The boots look sweet.
Havana Nights: I like that her cape in the background is held by pearls.
Art Girl: I like the belt.
DJ Nath: Can I cosplay as her (or them, I suppose). I would like that.
Lip-Bomb: #Glam
Art Girl: #Classy and kicks butts.
Shotgun: We should all do it.
Lip-Bomb: Nath, can we do a trio cosplay thing?
Art Girl: Everyone cosplay with me yayyyyy!
Lip-Bomb: That would be amazing.
Siskoid: So another case of crushing on the girlfriend more than the boy?
Havana Nights: Yesssss!
DJ Nath: No, I don't think so. I just like the two of them together. But yes, on paper, she is more attractice. I suppose they are ALL on paper.
Havana Nights: Hahaha!
Lip-Bomb: I enjoy her personality. I think I would like her.
Shotgun: I do like her.
Art Girl: I would love to hang out with both.
DJ Nath: I would double date.
Lip-Bomb: I think she is always a double date.
Art Girl: I don't mind being the third wheel!
Havana Nights: Picnic time!!!
Shotgun: So if she goes out with him, then I'm even more convinced that I would like him.
Lip-Bomb: Can we have a board game night with these two?
Havana Nights: They seem too laid back for a dinner party.
Art Girl: Writing, sewing, decorating, fashion, outdoorsy, what can't she do? Geez!
Siskoid: Split into 3? (Too soon?)

The verdict

Shotgun: If I am to be completely honest... no, he's not my type at all. Sorry, but I prefer to be honest.
Havana Nights: He's not physically hot, but he's relationship material for sure... I'd have to see if there's a spark there.
Shotgun: I like that he's kind of a clown, and he seems really nice. I would be his friend.
Havana Nights: I've never limited myself to physical appearances.
Art Girl: Hot, I would most definitly go on date with him. Yeah, he's not what I typically like, but I've dated all types and shapes. And all three of my relationships came from a friendship before so it could quite possibly happen again. He's a loveable person and I would want to see if there's a spark there.
DJ Nath: So sure, he might not be the most attractive out of the bunch, he's built like a ball, after all. But I think we would get along great and he seems really sweet and caring and I think great BF material. I think we would have a ball together.
Havana Nights: Hahaha. Have a ball.
DJ Nath: Right?!?
Shotgun: But yeah, I'd hang out with him and you never know.
Havana Nights: Art Girl wants to be the belle of his ball.
Lip-Bomb: He might be slightly too nice for me, but he seems super sweet, caring and might make me laugh. I'd give him a shot, see if there's something there.
Shotgun: Things could happen!
DJ Nath: If all else fails, I think we could be great friends.
Art Girl: I'd also make some moves on his girlfriend. Friend, girlfriend, whatever, I'll take it. She's awesome.
Lip-Bomb: All we need is a date, to get the ball rolling.
Art Girl: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Havana Nights: Hehehehe.
Shotgun: And the puns... There they are.
Havana Nights: We're bouncing ideas off of each other!
Lip-Bomb: Maybe we should stop this, before our egos inflate even more.
Havana Nights: On that note, we gotta roll!

Next: Someone patient. We're going to need him.

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  1. Bouncing Boy was always just comic relief and to give overweight kids someone to identify with .

    Character was best written in "Superboy's Legion " when he was invulnerable while inflated.

    Always thought it kind of odd that he, Matter-Eater Lad , Triplicate Girl, Dream Girl were all admitted for membership but characters like Absorbency Boy, Infectious Lass and Calamity King were shown the door !