Monday, September 5, 2022

Justice League vs The Legion of Super-Heroes 5

 Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #5 (October, 2022)

title: The Gold Lantern Saga Part Five
writer: Brian Michael Bendis
artist: Scott Godlewski
colorist: Ryan Cody
letterer: Dave Sharpe
editor: Michael McCalister
senior editor: Paul Kaminski
covers: Scott Godlewski & Ryan Cody (main); Travis Moore & Ryan Cody (variant)

reviewer: Russell "Bilingual Boy" Burbage

Overall Summary: 
The Justice League and the Legion argue about what a jerk Gold Lantern is while the Great Darkness Anomaly continues to spread. Ho-hum. 

Mission Monitor Board: 
Does anybody really care? It's the same bunch of characters who have been appearing in the first four issues, although I DO want to point out that Invisible Kid makes his (?) debut appearance here! Sort of.  

Supporting Characters:
The Justice League: Aquaman, Batman, Black Adam, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, and some chick named Queen Naomi

bad writer, awkward art, worse editor

Batman requests Gold Lantern to let them analyze his power ring. He refuses. When he flies away in a super-hero hissy fit, the Legion of Doom headquarters plops out of the Great Darkness like a piece of crap out of an anus. Triplicate Girl re-merges, and tells the ensemble that Vandal Savage is behind the Great Darkness. It then swallows up everything. Vandal Savage walks through emptiness, boasting that he has won.  

Russell's Review: 
"Things Have To Get Worse Before They Get Better." 
Sad when the highlight of the issue is an "empty" panel (bottom left, debut of Invisible Kid)

So...nothing really  happens in this issue. There is a lot of talking, and a LOT of full or half-page spreads. Eleven of them, by my count. In a book of only 22 pages, that is more than half the book! On one page in particular, the last one, when Vandal comes forward to gloat (to the readers?), there are only six word balloons. 

SIX word balloons on ONE page. 

Is this deep, according to Bendis? I think it's supposed to be deep. 

So you tell ME if this book is worth $3.99

Another half-page. Why? 

Guess what! The reprint collection Justice League vs The Legion of Super-Heroes, appeared in this month's DC Connect solicitations!. It will go on sale in December 6, 2022. Did I call this, or did I call this? :-(



  1. Everyone's been asking why the "vs" and it looked like it was coming to a head, albeit with an all talk 5th issue. All that build up to who's behind the great darkness only for Triplicate Girl to just merge and tell them. She knew all this time. Somesuch wasted story...

    1. This! And how did she know who Vandal Savage was anyway? She would have had to recognize his face which seems highly unlikely.


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  2. One of my biggest complaints about Bendis's Legion stories has been to use these double size and full page spreads for artists to fit as many characters on panel. Not like there is enough plot to actually fill 22 pages.

  3. Really I recommend Legion fans to read Flashpoint Beyond. IT have some interesting Legion hints than gave you certain hope to tolerate everything Bendis has done.
    And yes, this issue was absurd. Bendis repeated this surprise villian trope without any clue to many times to make it to work again.

  4. "Not this younger Aqua self I am now..." Grife. When did Aquaman start speaking in awkward self-referentials like Warlock? And did Timberwold just use the term "spitballin'"? Nope, nothing anachronistic about that. Benis is showing us that he's OBVIOUSLY one of the kewl kids with all that hip verbiage. Gnarly.

    Speaking of T-wolf, what the actual eff are those pointy things on his head? I thought they were his ears, but he apparently has a normal humanoid set of those. Is it some kind of Halloween headband? I wonder if it has springs...

    Hoping that the other three Legions band together in The War of the Legions/Legions of Four Worlds to blast this one out of existence for being so pointless....

    1. P.S. Thank you, Russell, for sparing the rest of us from having to read this dreck.

    2. Ah, what I do for the sake of Entertainment. ;-)
      On a related note, I'll have all six issues plus the initial Bendis LSH run ready to sell on Ebay in another month.

    3. By the way, it really bothered me that Aquaman would say he would want to stay as a young as he was here. I didn't bring it up in the review, but it doesn't sound like something Arthur would ever say. Uggh.

  5. Guess what, Keith Geffin. You are no longer the most disliked Legion creator.

  6. No.6 is out and proving this whole thing was pointless