Sunday, March 22, 2015

Art Institute of Zwen: Sprock Yeah Legion!

There is a lot of Legion of Super-Heroes art out there. On any given day you can go on Deviant Art and type in Legion of Super-Heroes and find all sorts of things that may tickle your fancy.

Or you could go to Sprock Yeah, Legion!
The Subs by Tom Fowler

This is a tumbler page that features classic published work by artists such as Mike Grell, John Forte, Jim Sherman, and Steve Lightle. It also features more recent pin-ups and sketches from professional artists, people you may have heard of such as Scott Kolins, Paul Smith, and Yildiray Cinar. And it features work from non-mainstream artists, my term for people I am not already familiar with such as Tom Fowler and John Watson, who does re-creations of classic DC covers featuring other characters, like this one:

I'm guessing JLA fans here will know what this is an homage to!

So the point is that you will always find something cool at Sprock Yeah. If you want a specific site to visit to get a daily or weekly Legion "fix," we recommend Sprock Yeah, Legion!

You can find them here:

Ferro Lad's sacrifice by Yildiray Cinar

Dawnstar by Paul Smith
The Substitutes again by Tom Fowler
The original Invisible Kid by Scott Kolins

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  1. Those Subs illustrations are fantastic!
    Colouring a little muddy for me, but everything else is hilarious, you'd think they could do something about Staq's allergies by now. Lydda's beehive has never suffered so much!