Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dan Jurgens!

Happy Birthday, Dan Jurgens! 

Today is the birthday of super-talented comic-book artist and writer and Legion fan extraorinary Dan Jurgens, born on this date in 1959.

Dan made his professional comic book debut on The Warlord in 1982. Warlord creator Mike Grell was impressed by Dan's portfolio and asked specifically for him. Dan then worked with Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas on creating The Sun Devils, eventually writing the last few issues of the maxi-series. Dan made his Legion of Super-Heroes debut in 1985 when he took on the art chores for Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He created Booster Gold in 1986 before long stretches on such series as Superman (where he was part of the crew that killed him), Teen Titans, Thor, and Captain America.  He came back to the Legion in 2000 to work with Phil Jimenez to create The Teen Titans/Legion cross-over, Universe Ablaze. He has also written two of our "cousin" characters in Aquaman and Aquaman And The Others , and The Fury of Firestorm. More recently, he wrote the Booster Gold Convergence story, where Booster meets the Legion of Super-Heroes (again, among others).

There are just way too many beautiful Dan Jurgens illustrations to show all of them, so forgive us if we just show you some of our favorite Legion-based covers.

You can find Dan Jurgens on the internet at 

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