Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Who's Who: Kol Natives

Kol Natives
by Russell & Siskoid

Real Name: The Arms of Kol
Planet of Origin: Unnamed quarantined world
Relationship to Legion: Mysterious

Legion Log
For decades, possibly centuries, the planet known colloquially as "Kol" was unknown and/or forgotten by the United Planets. Only after two Legionnaires accidentally made contact with the people of this world did the UP begrudgingly recognize it. The planet gains its name from its main deity, and it is assumed that the natives do not call their world by the name "Kol."

Brainiac 5 and Dawnstar visited "Kol" during their search for five missing Legionnaires. Dawnstar, who had had her tracking powers augmented scientifically by Brainiac 5, "felt" that their friends were on the surface of the heretofore uncharted world. However, when she went planet-side to investigate she was captured by the natives, who feared that she was a powerful, evil omen. Brainiac 5 followed her down to the surface in a Legion shuttle and was immediately recognized as different, and then as dangerous.

Over the span of a few days the two Legionnaires learned about the people's deity and about the Church of Kol, a highly structured and disciplined organization led by a Reverend Mother. This organization seemed to manage every facet of the planet's society. They also learned about the Arms of Kol, which was the army of the church; and the Core, which consisted of the leaders of the church under the Reverend Mother (leading on behalf of Kol). The Church of Kol provided food (called "manna") to its people, in exchange for obedience and subservience.

Specific "Kol" natives that were introduced during this time included Reverend Mother Awian; Jhodan, the sub-leader of the Core, and the son of the Reverend Mother; Ina, his novice; Rand and Ucto, members of the Arms of Kol; and Spliff, a vagabond who befriends Brainiac 5. Although they could not communicate, Dawnstar and Jhodan had a strong initial attraction to each other. Eventually, Jhodan chose his life on "Kol" over the Legionnaire.

To make it even more odd, the people on "Kol" spoke in early 20th Century English.

Domesticated riding beasts resembling a cross between kangaroos and tauntauns, as well as a hog-like cow creature and various birds, were also shown.

Before being captured as a heretic with Dawnstar, Brainiac 5 broke into one of the local temples and found a computer reel, which strongly suggested to him that the church and its organization had been established using 20th Century-level technology. Before he could learn any more, however, he and Dawnstar were freed and told to depart.

After returning to Earth, Brainiac 5 handed the stolen computer reel to the UP Earthgov. When he requested permission to return to "Kol" to follow up on what he had seen there, he was told that the planet was under strict quarantine.

Unfortunately, it appears that either Brainiac 5 or Dawnstar forgot their cell phone on "Kol," and the natives are now taking selfies and posting them on Who's Who Instagram.

The mystery of why the people spoke English and why early Earth technology existed on a far distant planet was never explained. Nor was it ever explained how or why Dawnstar felt that their missing friends were on "Kol" in the first place.

"Kol" was never explored in the Reboot or Threeboot either.

After Infinite Crisis, the original history of Kol's natives has presumably been more or less restored.

Only Kol Natives' stories:

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No answers for the Legionnaires or for the readers! 


  1. I really wanted a return engagement for this storyline. I hate open ended stories like this.

  2. I loved the artwork on this story, but I could not STAND Spliff.