Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Who's Who: Double-Header

by Russell & Siskoid

Real Name: Dyvud/Frenk Retzun
Super-Power(s): Slowly splitting into two
Planet of Origin: Janus
Relationship to Legion: Member of the Legion of Substitute-Heroes (Auxiliary)

Legion Log
Double-Header appeared at an open call for Legion Applicants, but was summarily rejected when his two heads argued with himself over who was smarter.

Double-Header re-appeared several years later as a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes Auxiliary, which consisted of heroes who were not quite ready to join the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Together with the Subs, Double-Header helped Superman face a time-displaced Ambush Bug.

Double-Header's background origin as related in this Who's Who entry was never shown in an actual story.

Double-Header appears in neither the Reboot nor the Threeboot.

After Infinite Crisis, Double-Header's original history has presumably been more or less restored.

Double-Header had two non-speaking cameos in the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series, one in "Lightning Storm" and the other in "The Substitutes". He also appeared at the Legion try-outs in the comic book tie-in series.

Important Double-Header stories:

Adventure Comics #323
(reprinted in The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 3
and Showcase Presents: The Legion Vol. 2)
Double-Header applies for Legion membership

DC Comics Presents #59
Double-Header as a member of the Substitute Heroes Auxiliary
faces Ambush Bug

Legion of Super-Heroes animated series

Double-Header had a couple of non-speaking cameos on the show

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #3

History repeats itself in the animated universe

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