Monday, September 7, 2020

LEGION TOYS: Impulse (DC Direct)

He's no Kent Shakespeare, but Bartholomew Henry Allen II is totally way more crash. Hailing from the 30th Century of the Post-Zero Hour Legion of Super-Heroes comes DC Direct's Impulse!

As usual, the sculpt is where the DC Direct figures tend to shine. Unlike Mattel, this sculpt appears to be unique to the Impulse action figure. The Slim Jim body type, along with the lengthy arms and legs with the huge boots certainly capture the character design from Humberto Ramos. Slight wrinkles on the arms and legs are a nice touch. The head sculpt captures his wild hair and an exuberant expressive face. I dig the translucent yellow eye lenses the most and it makes me wish the DC Universe Classics Eradicator figure used the same material for his eye wear.

There are 11-points of  that I count on Impulse. Head can rotate 360 degrees. Arms can rotate 360 degrees. There are joints at the elbow for 90 degree angles. Legs move up and slightly back, but if you move them back the figure tends to suffer some paint rub. Finally the knees rotate at a 90 degree angle to complete the articulation. There's not much, but if you try really hard and use a stand, you can probably achieve some alright running poses.

The Paint Applications are pretty decent. The white on the jumpsuit has a nice yellow wash. The red lightning, wrist cuffs, and track lines along with the maroon on the boots and the center of the outfit are fairly clean with minimal paint bleed. The flesh tone and brown hair on the head sculpt and fingers are also well done.

While DC Direct figures are not my first go-to, they can fill in holes in my DC Universe Classics collection rather nicely. In this way, we can have Bart Allen team-up with the Legion or his fellow Young Justice members. Nothing beats that feeling of completing the build of a team. So I have DC Direct's Impulse to thank for that, if nothing else.

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