Monday, September 21, 2020

Mike Grell Legion Sketch Book

As one of the rewards for Mike Grell's recent MAGGIE the CAT Kick-Starter process, Master Stroke published a set of 30 individual Legion of Super-Heroes sketches.  They are from the collection of master Legion fan Michael Leib, who over several years' time commissioned Mike until he had accumulated 30 individual, stunning pieces.

Here is Mike's introduction to the collection:  

Except for Superboy and Supergirl, who book-end the collection, the sketches are in alphabetical order. There is no note as to what order they were created, although an Afterword mentions that Timber Wolf was the first.

Back Cover


  1. Whew! Childhood flashbacks of the boxes of comics my grandfather would drag out for me to read when I was a kid! So amazing to see all of the members in the costumes to which I was first exposed (minor pun intended). Ah, Imra & Tasmia ♥ (haha), not to mention Wildfire never looked better.