Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lore of the Legion part one

In the early 1970s, DC included all sorts of special text pieces and quizzes as well as reprints in their "One Hundred Pages for Sixty Cents" super-giant comics. In Superboy #202 (June 1974) we got a special four page profile on some of the Legion of Super-Heroes. According to the LEGION ARCHIVES #10 the text is by E. Nelson Bridwell. The art, of course, is by Dave Cockrum.

These members and costumes were correct as of 1974, but Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy had just gotten married and left the Legion two issues ago. And Matter-Eater Lad was colored incorrectly, as he should have yellow leggings and green boots. 

Superboy #202 was the last issue that Dave Cockrum drew as regular artist, but his effect on the Legion never went away. His Lightning Lad re-design, for example, is still the template all others base their Garths off of.  


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