Monday, July 7, 2014

The Birthdays of the Future...!

In the fall of 1975 Warner Bros Publishing put on sale the 1976 Super DC Calendar. This great twelve page binded "book" was lavishly illustrated by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. The art for each month featured Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern & Green Arrow, The Super-Villains, the Justice League, Captain "Shazam!" Marvel, The Super-Heroines, Wonder Woman, A DC Christmas, and leading the pack in January 1976, this awesome poster of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Most every day of the year was marked with some important DC event, such as the day Batman's parents were murdered or the day Krypton exploded, or happy anniversaries like the day Aquaman married Mera or the day Barry Allen married Iris West. And of course, the majority of characters had their birthdays noted!

So under this banner we are going to point out those "special days." Of course, since this is from 1975 the last Legionnaire who gets mentioned will be Wildfire. That's right, no Dawnstar, Blok, Tellus, Kent Shakespeare, or Kono, unfortunately...!

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