Saturday, February 13, 2016

Magnetic Kid: Hot or Not?

They didn't like Cosmic Boy, all those weeks ago, so will our group of candid women with no real Legion knowledge think his baby brother is Hotter? Or Notter?
Our honorary Legion members are...
Art-Girl - Not following in anyone's steps, thank you.
DJ Nath - Lip-Bomb's kid sister. They co-star on the YouTube channel Mindlinked.
Havana Nights - The big sister of a physics genius.
Lip-Bomb - The big sister of someone in this very conversation.
Science Girl - Her big brother is hilarious, but kind of annoying while you're trying to watch a movie.
Shotgun - Her sister was adopted when her parents thought they couldn't have any bio-kids. Oops! (She's running late; she arrives somewhere down the bottom.)
Moderator: Siskoid - The big brother of 2½ kids.
First impressions of Magnetic Kid
Magnetic Kid (Pol Krinn of Braal) is Cosmic Boy's kid brother, and consequently has the same magnetism powers. Admiring his big brother, he followed in his footsteps, he also became a magno-ball champion before deciding to commit his life to crimefighting. He joined the Legion Academy without much hope of ever making it to the Legion (because you can't be a member without at least one original power), but when Cos finally retired, he was admitted readily. Pol wants to make his brother proud, but also to be considered more than just a poor man's Cosmic Boy, so he trains almost constantly to refine his powers and his skills. Dedicated, kind, upholding the highest standards of behavior, that's Magnetic Kid.
Havana Nights: Awwhhh. He seems like a swell guy.
Art-Girl: Hard work pays off. Oi like this kid! But that face, that chin, there's something wrong there.
Lip-Bomb: I like that he strives to not live in his brother's shadow.
DJ Nath: The hair is so fab! Flowing and great!
Science Girl: Those weirdly proportioned muscles!
Havana Nights: I like the grin.
DJ Nath: His eyebrows have all of the sass.
Science Girl: His hair does have some nice flow.
Art-Girl: Ooofff, hard to look at that face in the background.
Science Girl: Why is he so lumpy? And not in the right places. #MoreBuldge2016
Havana Nights: He has zero cheekbones, none.
Art-Girl: His arm and leg are too small for the rest. His shoulders are too big. It's not right. My eyes!
DJ Nath: This just looks like a pink space suit, that's weirdly generic and original at the same time.
Science Girl: Generic handsome 60's man.
Art-Girl: Magnetic, I would of like to see a red and blue-gray costume, like traditional magnets! May be cheesy, but I like the thought.
Lip-Bomb: The suit definitely says "I was in space, I totally was."
Siskoid: Cosmic Boy was in pink too, if you can remember all the way back to our first chat. For reference:
DJ Nath: Ah yes, Magnetic Kid has better hair.
Havana Nights: He's hotter than his brother.
Art-Girl: His brother, my parents would like and enjoy, but this one is a bit more what I like.
Havana Nights: he's more rugged than his brother... I like that. Seems like he can have more fun too.
Havana Nights: Oh God, the knees are fairly disturbing.
Siskoid: He's better proportioned in the surprint.
DJ Nath: His smirk in this picture is totally hot, it's not condescending at all which is great. It just looks like he just dared me to jump in a lake (not dangerous, just silly).
Art-Girl: Did you look at the knees though? I can't look away. But I need to. Ok. Here we go. His hair makes me think of Danny Zuko in Grease, but with less grease.
Science Girl: He's like a guy you see a the bar and you think "I'm not sure if he's handsome or not" and then you look more closely and you're like "no, not really".
Lip-Bomb: Wait, is he holding up his own name with his powers in the background?
Art-Girl: Yes he is! Brilliant!
Siskoid: :-) it's my favorite part.
DJ Nath: Ahh bonus points!
Science Girl: Wait, he's protecting that kid and his mom from the sign?
Lip-Bomb: Mixed signals.
Siskoid: Innocent bystanders about to be crushed by his name.
DJ Nath: Haha that's a weird day.
Science Girl: Why does he have a huge sign with his name?
Art-Girl: Why not? We should all get one.
Science Girl: Fair enough.
Lip-Bomb: We should all have enormous signs of our nicknames. Mine is made out of real bombs!
Art-Girl: Christmas list 2016 done.
Science Girl:
Art-Girl: Does he have the same power as Magneto?
Siskoid: Yes.
Art-Girl: Like control in any shape and form metal?
Siskoid: I think you asked that about Cosmic Boy too haha.
Art-Girl: Even the iron in your blood?
Siskoid: I've seen Cosmic Boy do it, so yes, but nothing so gory as the X-Men movies.
Art-Girl: I need to know, because if there's a power I would want in life, it would be that! Man, I would make people hit themselves all the time and just say "why are you hitting yourself?" because why not!
Siskoid: No you wouldn't.
Art-Girl: Not everyone, just some people I have in mind that I would enjoy punching.
Science Girl: I'm not sure the iron in your blood is magnetic.
Siskoid: We've been Scienced!

On his later costume
Science Girl: Oooh, I like this one.
Art-Girl: Ohhhh.
DJ Nath: His pants look like velvet and I'm into it.
Art-Girl: Minus the possible spider web, I enjoy very much.
Havana Nights: Can I have that jacket? I want that jacket.
Lip-Bomb: It's a little bit Micheal Jackson-ish.
Art-Girl: I like the jacket, for myself!
Havana Nights: Yeah, he seems more in touch with his feminine side here.
Lip-Bomb: I'm even cool with the boots.
DJ Nath: I feel like I could wear this.
Lip-Bomb: Shall we add this costume to the cosplay list?
Art-Girl: Yes! Easy elements we can find in thrift shops! No spray paint or anything, I'm game! Now his hair is a bit like cry-baby but not as dramatic.
Science Girl: Is he stuck in a spider web?
Lip-Bomb: Ew giant spider web.
Science Girl: Giant spider eggs. Neat!
DJ Nath: White boots are a bold choice, I feel like you would need to wash them all the time.
Art-Girl: White after Labor Day... oh noooo!
Lip-Bomb: The purple rectangle on his chest annoys me.
Art-Girl: I like the turtle neck!
Science Girl: I'm indifferent to it.
DJ Nath: Also, he doesn't seem to have pupils, so that's a little traumatizing.
Art-Girl: He's looking above right. (At the spider?)
DJ Nath: Yeah, they're just really tiny. I don't like tiny pupils.
Lip-Bomb: Well, he is stuck in a  giant spider web that is possibly in space? Is that the Earth in the background?
Siskoid: Yes, I can see our houses from here.
Lip-Bomb: His belt seems to carry very square things.
Siskoid: iPads?
Art-Girl: Mirrors?
Science Girl: Just a saltine cracker-filled belt.
DJ Nath: Hip to be square (it's on his hip).
Art-Girl: Ahhhhhhh.
DJ Nath: Just to be clear.
Siskoid: I can hear you self-high-fiving from here.
DJ Nath: Hahaha.

[Shotgun walks in]

Shotgun: Well, you were productive. Can't wait to read it.
Art-Girl: SHOTGUN!
Shotgun: I am 100% in agreement with everything you've said. I guess.

On his heroic demise
During the Magic Wars, Sorcerers' World needed to be magically "unlocked" and the only way to do that was with a human sacrifice. Calmly and with determination, Magnetic Kid made that ultimate sacrifice so that the universe would live. He was mourned as one of the greatest Legionnaires.
Lip-Bomb: I feel like the sound "sproing" is a little inappropriate for such a intense moment.
Havana Nights: WHAAAAAAT?! SISKOID!!!
Art-Girl: Magic Wars, are we at Hogwarts?
Science Girl: Magically unlocked, if you know what I mean.
Havana Nights: But I liked him!
Art-Girl: Dammit Siskoid.
DJ Nath: Jesus Christ.
Lip-Bomb: Pete's sakes.
Art-Girl: I am tired of this.
Lip-Bomb: Well crying forever, Jesus.
DJ Nath: Did any of them reach their pension?
Siskoid: Very few of them actually died. Only the ones you love (and Sun Boy).
Art-Girl: You took Invisible Kid and I still haven't forgiven you for that.
Science Girl: Is he rebooted at some point?
Siskoid: No, they don't bring him back.
DJ Nath: Also reboohoo.
Science Girl: *Falls to my knees* *sobs*
Art-Girl: And then a dramatic nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Siskoid: In the reboot, he's a young kid and doesn't return as Magnetic Kid.
Havana Nights: Well now I'm sad. Really sad.
Shotgun: I'm very sad too. Boo Siskoid. And stuff.
Science Girl: WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?! So we reboot him ourselves, guys?
Siskoid: Considering you DESTROYED Cosmic Boy, and that his name never really fit his powers anyway, I'm sure your Legion would go straight to Magnetic Kid.
Art-Girl: But of course!
Havana Nights: Cosmic Boy was a bore.
Art-Girl: He was safe and we are not safe, ladies! We like adventure and we are daring!
Havana Nights: More Magnetic Kid please.
Science Girl: The New Magnetic Kid - where we all marry him.
Art-Girl: Yessss.
Science Girl: And we live in a puppy-filled mansion.
Lip-Bomb: YAY!
Science Girl: As sister wives.
DJ Nath: Worst TV show.
Lip-Bomb: TLC definitely says yes to this.
Art-Girl: That sound horrible.
Science Girl: Or awesome!
Art-Girl: Magnetic Kid's Acadian Sister Wives, only on TLC!!!
Lip-Bomb: New show idea. TLC documents themselves choosing shows. Say Yes to the Show.

The verdict

Lip-Bomb: I think HOT. He's determined, works hard to make something of himself, great hair. I'm attracted.
Science Girl: HOT. Lets start our own polygamist sect!
Havana Nights: I say HOT. The description is sweet, which had me lukewarm at best, but based on looks alone, hot hot hot!
Art-Girl: HOT. I enjoy that he worked hard to get here he is, it didn't just fall in his lap! His hair is great, he looks a bit more of a bad boy then his brother, like he could have a few tattoos under the suit. But again, you break my heart. You take the ones I like from me every damn time!
DJ Nath: As a younger sibling, I definitely get wanting to get your own identity even though you're in the same world. He seems determined and hardworking and the hair is great. HOT!
Havana Nights: Haha, imagine if there could only be one of you in the crew.
Havana Nights: We'd have to wait for Lip-Bomb to die off before Nath could be in.
Lip-Bomb: Well, everyone has their life ahead of them until they die. #Epitaphs
Havana Nights: Title of my next book, right there. A collection of short stories.
Art-Girl: OMG!
Science Girl: Well they are basically just one person.
Art-Girl: STOP IT!
Art-Girl: They share the same history, but they are different!
Siskoid: They don't have the same power, so it's fine.
Science Girl: But their power is mindlinking. If one is gone, the other is useless.
Art-Girl: STOP IT S-GIRL! I love them both for the persons they are!
Shotgun: So umm, I'm going to say NOT because I wasn't there, and that's it. :-(

Next: Loving the alien(s).
Art-Girl: "Loving", how romantic!
Science Girl: Alien Orgy Lad?
Art-Girl: Ew.

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