Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Who's Who: Kinetix

by Siskoid

Real Name: Zoe Saugin
Super-Power(s): Energy field that molds objects around her at the molecular level.
Planet of Origin: Aleph
Legion Seniority: Kinetix was the second completely new Legion recruit after the Reboot.

Legion Log
Zoe Saugin's mother was an archaeologist whom Zoe saved from illness once using an ancient relic. This made her interested in artifacts of power that could be used for good, and one such object gave her the power to control inanimate objects. Her world soon assigned her to the Legion of Super-Heroes, where she served as Kinetix.

Being a Legionnaire didn't end Kinetix's quest and she and Shrinking Violet found the fabled Star of Akkos together. This object drained her power, and she was put on temporary leave while she looked for new powers. When White Triangle Daxamites destroyed the stargate she was going to use, she was conveniently rescued by the witch Mysa who had engineered her whole history, and she taught her magic. Once her training was complete, Mysa transformed her into a mystical creature (elfin, with a tail) and sent her to look for the Eye of Ekron. This led her back to the Legion; her friend Violet was in possession of it (or vice-versa). She failed in her mission.

Mysa teleported Kinetix and her family to Zarrox for punishment and there she learned that Mysa had healed her mother while she was pregnant with Zoe, which had given her daughter a bond with the witch and an affinity for magic. Zoe's mother forced Mysa to honor an old debt and had her daughter's powers and appearance restored. In the wake of these events, she helped the Legion defeat Mordru and free Violet from the Eye's influence.

When Kinetix was sent on a mission to analyze a space anomaly, she and other Legionnaires came back from it changed. She wore a different costume and refused to speak much. Her withdrawal into a memory of the anomaly became so extreme, her friends had to enter her mind to save her, which they did.

When a group of Legionnaires was lost and believed dead to a spatial rift, the Legion disbanded and Kinetix chose to join the Science Police. When they returned a year later, she had been transformed into a Terrorform by Ra's al Ghul's mutagenic bombs. Unlike others, she retained her free will and acted as a conduit between the Legion and the other Terrorforms. Her enhanced abilities in that form included energy blasts and super-strength. She was instrumental in defeating Ra's, and rejoined the Legion.

Kinetix was killed in battle with Superboy-Prime during the Final Crisis, after which Mordru absorbed her essence. Her last thoughts were for Leviathan, the Legionnaire she once had a crush on, and who had died long ago.

After Flashpoint, an original-look Kinetix appears to be alive and well and serving in the original timeline's Legion.

Important Kinetix Stories:

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #66
Kinetix makes her first appearance and is drafted into the Legion
Legion of Super-Heroes Annual (v4) #6

Kinetix's origin is told

Legionnaires #33 and Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #76
Kinetix goes after the Eye of Ekron and is drained of her powers

Legionnaires #34
The witch Mysa teaches and transforms Kinetix

Legionnaires #37
On her quest to find the Eye of Ekron, Kinetix finds time to flirt with Leviathan

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #84
Kinetix is shocked by the death of Leviathan

Legionnaires #42
Kinetix is freed from Mysa's influence

Legionnaires #50
Kinetix helps the Legion defeat Mordru

Legionnaires #51
Mysa explains her connection to Kinetix

Legionnaires #52
Kinetix helps save Violet's soul

Legionnaires #104
After coming out of a space anomaly, Kinetix is among the Legionnaires transformed by the experience

Legionnaires #113
Kinetix's friends enter her mind to save her soul

Legion Worlds #1
Kinetix joins the Science Police while the Legion is disbanded

The Legion #7
Kinetix is transformed into a Terrorform by Ra's al Ghul

The Legion #8
Kinetix turns the tide against Ra's by taking control of the Terrorforms

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4
Kinetix is killed by Superboy-Prime

Justice League United #8
Kinetix appears to be alive and well in the post-Flashpoint universe


  1. I still don't understand what the point in killing Zoe was.

    1. To make Johns' Pet (Superboy Prime) look THREATENING. Nothing else matters, as long as John's Pet character looks good.

  2. She always struck me like Jean Grey had joined the Legion, though I know the similarities are only cosmetic. I liked her red costume best, and man did she go through a lot of costumes in her tenure.

  3. Ugh. Superboy-Prime was just the worst. The law of diminishing returns on that character seemed to set in immediately after he returned in Infinite Crisis.

  4. Kinetix was the reboot of " Life Lass " from the Legion of Super Outlaws !

    Good character with a great super power concept .