Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Who's Who: Shikari

by Siskoid

Real Name: Shikari Lonestar
Super-Power(s): Tracking, flight, surviving in the vacuum of space.
Planet of Origin: None; a member of the nomadic Kwai, in the Second Galaxy.
Legion Seniority: Shikari was the tenth completely new Legion recruit after the Reboot. She is essentially the Reboot's answer to Dawnstar.

Legion Log
Shikari is a member of the Kwai race, a peaceful, nomadic people from the Second Galaxy. Unlike most of the Kwai, she possesses an aggressive spirit, and is considered a throwback to older days, when her race was more war-like. And she is a pathfinder, possessed of a special sense that allows her to find her way to any place or object she is seeking. While trying to catch a comet for its precious water, she and two friends were found by the Progeny, who immediately targeted then for deletion. She found her way to the half of the Legion Outpost HQ that had fallen through a space rift and hid there. There, she found memory crystals left behind by Jan Arrah, containing eight other Legionnaires lost to the rift. They saved her from the Progeny, and from them, she learned the concept of heroism.

As a gesture of friendship, Shikari brought the Legionnaires to meet her tribe, who then "lent" her to the Legion so she could help them find their way home. She learned the Legion's language and befriended Monstress and Wildfire. She was with the Legion when the Progeny brought them to meet their Progenitor, actually the lost Legionnaire Element Lad, who revealed a way home through a space warp, but only if Shikari would guide them, which she did, leaving her home galaxy behind. Brainiac 5 would then use the space warp technology and the Kwai race to establish an intergalactic travel system.

Shikari served with the Legion in their home space until the collapse of the Reboot timeline, though she seemed to transfer to the Threeboot universe, where she did not then appear. During Infinite Crisis, she was seen back in the Reboot universe. She was seen again during the Final Crisis, having returned to the Reboot timeline, helping various iterations of the Legion fight Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains.

Important Shikari Stories:

Legion Lost (v1) #1
Shikari's first appearance has her find the Legion Lost

Legion Lost (v1) #2
Shikari befriends Monstress

Legion Lost (v1) #3
Shikari is lent to the Legion by her people

Legion Lost (v1) #4
Shikari accidentally renamed ERG-1 "Wildfire"

Legion Lost (v1) #12
Shikari guides the lost Legion back home

The Legion #2
Triad rescues Shikari from vivisectionists

The Legion #12
Shikari fights... Batman?

The Legion #21-23
Shikari is one of the alien Legionnaires who must liberate the team from Universo's sway

The Legion Secret Files 3003 #1
Shikari demonstrates the space warp technology adapted by Brainiac 5

Teen Titans/Legion Special #1
Shikari is shunted to the Threeboot universe

Infinite Crisis #6
During the Infinite Crisis, Shakari is back with the Reboot Legion
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5
Shikari fights Spider-Girl of Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains

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