Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Who's Who: Gear

by Siskoid

Real Name: I.Z.O.R.
Super-Power(s): Bio-mechanical techno-morphing
Planet of Origin: Linsnar
Legion Seniority: Gear was the ninth completely new Legion recruit after the Reboot.

Legion Log
I.Z.O.R., professionally known as Gear, had, like all Lisnarians, the ability to generate gadgets from his techno-organic body. He was hired by the bounty hunter Pernisius to serve as a systems manager at Blackstar Juvenile Correctional Facility, but once there, was enslaved by the prison master. He escaped with the Legionnaire Sensor's help. Badly damaged, he was brought to Brainiac 5 for repairs.

When the Legion was decimated by the Blight, the Legion's financier R. J. Brande recruited Gear to help him build Legion World, the team's new headquarters. After this, he was regarded as a full-fledged Legionnaire, soon helping the Legion against Robotica, an enemy he was well-suited to fight. He was also instrumental in communicating with Warworld and convincing it to aid them. Otherwise, he kept busy with his many duties on Legion World, working closely with the Legion's Chief Engineer, Chuck Taine.

After the collapse of the Reboot timeline, Gear was not seen again, in any iteration, until the Final Crisis, after which he joined other continuity-lost Legionnaires wandering the multiverse.

Important Gear Stories:

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #117
Gear is found in a prison and breaks out with Sensor's help

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #119
Gear is brought to Brainiac 5 for repairs

The Legion #3
Gear is now a member of the Legion and has built Legion World

The Legion #12
Gear is instrumental in defeating Robotica by calling on Warworld's help

The Legion #31
Superboy helps Gear and Chuck Taine to do some Legion World "housecleaning"

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5
Gear is among the Legionnaires dubbed the new Wanderers


  1. Gear, the Khundian legionnaire's, Catspaw, Dragon mage , Dragonwing , Devin O'Reilly, Chemical Kid, Tyroc, Invisible Kid II, Kent Shakespeare, Computo, Harmony, Quislet, Monsteress, XS, .....

    They put together enough of them to form their own ..... " Legion of Incredible Loser's !"

    1. Agreed, they were just terrible !

      It would have been fitting to have given them a one shot written by Cary Bates and Jimmy Janes as they were just a terrible !