Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Who's Who: Glorith II

Glorith II
by Siskoid

Real Name: Unrevealed
Super-Power(s): Magic spells.
Planet of Origin: Unrevealed; apprenticed on Sorcerer's World
Legion Seniority: Glorith was the sixth Legion recruit after the Retroboot, joining with three other Academy members, but fourth among them alphabetically. She is not to be confused with the first Glorith, a villain who came to especial prominence in the 5YL era.

Legion Log
The first person called Glorith to cross the Legion' path was a minor foe recruited by the Time Trapper from a millions of years in the future. When she failed to destroy them with her "devolutionary" hourglass, the Trapper tricked her into devolving into protoplasm. This woman somehow turned up alive later to rival the Time Trapper in power, create her own timeline, interfere with the Legion's, and ultimately disappear in the wake of Zero Hour. After Infinite Crisis, those later event have all been undone, and it's likely only her original, minor appearance is still in continuity.

The current Glorith is a young woman whose background remains a mystery. She has said that she was "chosen as a babe to serve the light" and has no memory or images of her parents, but due to her magical abilities was apprenticed on Sorcerer's World. The Black (formerly White) Witch took her under her wing and aware that she had a destiny to fulfill, sent her to study at the Legion Academy.

Glorith, a simple girl who had not extensively traveled, marveled at Earth's technology, but disliked the lack of ritual and courtesy. When her fellow cadets went to Phlon to fight Black Mace and his cronies, she followed, and was helped remotely by the Black Witch with extra magical energies. Coming home, the Academy was attacked by Chemical King and her fellow cadet Variable Lad was killed. One of Glorith's magical creations killed the villain in turn. These events would haunt her for a long time.

Under still unknown circumstances, Glorith was one of the cadets awarded full Legion membership when several Legionnaires were lost to the time stream and presumed dead. Brainiac 5 immediately put her magic to work trying to break the time barrier, to no avail. She was last seen fighting the Fatal Five, collaborating with her mentor to take Validus out of the equation.

Important Glorith II Stories:

Adventure Comics (v2) #523
Glorith enters Legion Academy at her mentor's behest

Adventure Comics (v2) #525-526
On Phlon, Glorith removes Alchemical Girl's powers

Adventure Comics (v2) #527
Glorith in training

Adventure Comics (v2) #529
Glorith summons the creature that kills Chemical King after the villain slays Variable Lad

Legion of Super-Heroes (v7) #1-3
Glorith is now a Legionnaire, and working with Brainiac 5 to break the time barrier

Legion of Super-Heroes (v7) #5
A haunted Glorith wonders if she should leave the Legion

Legion of Super-Heroes (v7) #15
Caught in a timestorm, Glorith is almost burned at the stake by historical witch hunters

Legion of Super-Heroes (v7) #17
Glorith fights the Fatal Five

Legion of Super-Heroes (v7) #20
Glorith and the Black Witch magic Sorcerer's World away from Validus


  1. Of course, given the mystery of her origins, it's always possible that Glorith II was Glorith I, or was going to become her, in some timey-wimey magicky-wagicky way...

  2. That's true, though it seemed like they went out of their way to make her look different. In the end, I decided to split them and keep Glorith for our Who's Who of the Legion's Friends and Foes (coming soon!).

  3. The last picture's caption says they magiced Validus away. IIRC correctly, wasn't Validus left there in space as they moved Sorcerer's World?

    - Boston Moss

  4. I failed to capture the distinction. Will fix.

  5. I always though she might be from Tamaran. Her costume has some similar detailing to Starfire's original one, and the eyes and skin colour fit the bill.

  6. Interesting. The way you never see any of the Vegan species in LSH makes me rather think something terrible happened to Vega some time in the future.