Monday, August 22, 2016

James Shermans' Legion

In the parade of Seventies' Legion artists, James Sherman is one of the more talented guys over-shadowed by Dave Cockrum and Mike Grell. Sherman had the unenviable responsibility of taking over as main Legion artist after Mike Grell moved off the series in late 1976. Sherman stayed with the book nearly two years, and during that time was bogged down by heavy inkers such as Jack Abel. When he inked himself, or was teamed with an inker with a more gentle touch like Josef Rubinstein, his art was just beautiful.

Today we present his "Origins and Powers of the Legionnaires" profiles from Limited Collectors' Edition #C-37, featuring the wedding of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad.

Two interesting notes about this featurette: the Element Lad re-design shown here appeared in only one story before being discarded. Star Boy's open "v-neck" did not become his standard uniform until after Sherman had left the book.


  1. This feature blew my mind when I first saw it. Sherman managed to show the characters, show some history and demonstrate something about their powers. I love that Phantom Girl and Duo Damsel panel in particular. The opening panel of founders is pretty incredible.

    Seeing this today, I equally love the Dream Girl panel. Sherman was pretty amazing.

  2. I have to agree that some of James Sherman's art when not inked by Able was decent but my favorite Legion artist's were...

    1. Curt Swan
    2. Dave Cockrum
    3. Keith Giffen
    4. Mike Grell
    5. Jeff Moy
    6. Alan Davis (Superboy's Legion)
    7. Steve Lightle
    8. James Sherman

    1. Too bad each of those artists didn't do a similar "Profiles of Legionnaires" featurette. I only know of ones by Swan, Cockrum, and this one by Sherman.

    2. Agreed ! It should have been a signature of each artists vision of what the Legion was to them !

  3. When I was in college, my favorite panel was the one at the bottom with Saturn Girl putting on that luscious stuff on her legs and pulling it up.