Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Who's Who: Grimbor

by Russell & Siskoid

Real Name: Grimbor
Super-Power(s): Grimbor appears to have significant physical strength, but his skill is in creating bonds and restraining devices that are uniquely suited to ones' physiology. 
Planet of Origin: unknown
Relationship to Legion: Villain

Legion Log
Grimbor was well known throughout the universe as a master forger of locks, chains, and restraints. His most famous work was to keep the large and powerful entity known as Validus subdued.

Eventually he was asked by the headmistress of an orphanage to create special bonds for a young woman named Charma. Charma had the power to enrage women, making them want to hurt her, and the headmistress wanted Grimbor's help to subduing her. Unfortunately, Charma could also place men in a hypnotic, hazy state where they would do whatever she asked. Grimbor fell under Charma's charms, and together they escaped to Earth.

Charma came up with the idea of using Grimbor's skills at bondage to kidnap the Legionnaires and ransom them from their benefactor, RJ Brande. However, using team-work the Legion was eventually able to defeat and capture both of them. They were sent to prison, where Charma was eventually killed by her fellow prisoners.

The death of Charma unhinged Grimbor, who vowed revenge on the Legion and on Earth. He first attempted to kidnap the President of Earth, then later attempted to take control of Earth himself by "blocking" it off from space via energy chains. Although he proved difficult to defeat every time he appeared, the Legion was always able to re-capture him. He was not as proficient at getting out of chains as he was at putting others into them.

After the so-called Five-Year Gap, Grimbor attacked a Legion facility, but was defeated by Kent Shakespeare and his cadets. The Chainsman would later turn up on New Earth, helping a despot keep the domed city of Paris separate from the rest of the world-station.

After the Reboot, Grimbor was known to have been defeated by Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart before the former became Invisible Kid.

After the Threeboot, Grimbor does not appear to exist.

After Infinite Crisis, Grimbor's original history has presumably been reestablished. His only appearance has been as a member of Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains during Final Crisis.

Grimbor has appeared in the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series, voiced by Lex Lang.

Defining Villainous Moment: 

Legion of Super-Heroes (v2) #280
 Chains the entire Earth and captures most of the Legionnaires before he is finally stopped

Important Grimbor Stories:

Superboy & The Legion of Super-Heroes #221
 (reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 12)
Grimbor and Charma have no trouble capturing a dozen Legionnaires

Superboy & The Legion of Super-Heroes (v2) #240
 Grimbor returns, hell-bent on revenge for the death of Charma

Legion of Super-Heroes (v2) #277~280
Grimbor enchains all of Earth in a bid for power and revenge

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #51
Five Years Later... Grimbor infiltrates a Legion facility and creates a training
opportunity for younger members

Legionnaires #13-14
Grimbor chains the domed city of Paris to keep out the rest of New Earth

Legionnaires #66
Reboot Grimbor was once defeated by pre-invisible Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart
(referenced in a story told by Charma)

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #2
During Final Crisis, Grimbor was a member of Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains

Legion of Super-Heroes animated series
Grimbor, voiced by Lex Lang


  1. How do you spell LAME ?

    G-R-I-M-B-O-R !

    After the first story he was just pathetic !

    Colonel Klink would have been a more interesting a villain !!!

  2. Hmmmm... Grimbor has always been more of a Colonel Kink than a Colonel Klink...

  3. "Hmmmm... Grimbor has always been more of a Colonel Kink than a Colonel Klink..."

    So more Bob Crane than Werner Klemperer...?

    (So what are the odds of Grimbor showing up as the topic of a Hot or Not?) XD

  4. While I don't quite think of him as lame, there has definitely been something missing since his one iconic story with Charma ended.
    With a gimmick that revolves around puzzles, traps and prisons we generally see him just flailing a chain around or something as utterly goofy as 'energy chains crushing the Earth.
    There's the feeling he could be a much more interesting and enduring character if a medium between those extremes was found.

    As for his wardrope... that definitely needs some serious thought given to past 'key party in your weird uncles downstairs rec-room'.
    Hopefully one day those things will happen.

  5. He actually showed up as a full-on antagonist in the Reboot era -- in one of the "Secret Files and Origins" specials DC put out, they did a whole storyline about the Legion's founding trio, and it took place between LSH #0 and Legionnaires #0. Grimbor's big plan was to sow chaos by causing a stampede at an interplanetary zoo ... where the Legion was having a photo op.