Friday, August 12, 2016

Ask Mark Waid?!?!

The Threeboot Friday reviews will go on hiatus this week. If you are looking for a review of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #28 come back next week.

Instead I am opening up the blog space for you readers to give me some homework!

This weekend (in fact, probably right now as you read this) I will be at the Boston Comic Con. One of the guests there is none other than Mark Waid!

My plan was to tell Waid about the blog and my reviews and ask a couple of questions about the book.

But now your homework!

What questions would you like me to ask Waid about the Legion?

Did you wonder about the inclusion of Supergirl? The deliberate pace of the opening arc? The difficulty of  satisfying old fans while bringing in new fans?

I am here for you. I will do my best to ask Waid all the questions without tying him up from other fans. But I'll be there all three days and will be checking the blog for new questions and comments. Given the three day commitment, I can keep going back to Waid's table ... like a bad penny!

So fire away!


  1. So, what do you know about a NEW LSH series from DC?

  2. I'd be curious to know if he and Kitson intended the revolutionary angle to play a bigger role than it ultimately did. In the first issue, they're involve in a bloody insurgency on Lallor, but as the series progresses, it becomes more and more like a conventional superhero team book.

  3. How about this...

    Imagine if you will that you can write adventures for a series based on the Silver Age era where the Teen Titans meet the Legion of Superheroes. Without going into plot details, what sorts of relationships would you like to examine in the course of the series?

    As a fan who's rediscovering this era, I see a lot of connective tissue that was never allowed to pull together in meaningful ways because of the way DC was run at the time. For example, Jimmy Olsen and Robin knew each other from Worlds Finest, but Robin never seemed to introduce Jimmy to the Titans nor Jimmy introduce Supergirl to the Titans.

    1. I know this is a bit of an oddball question/subject. I've been listening to podcasts like "Teen Titans Wasteland" and Michael Bradley's Superman/Batman podcast, and "The Legion of Substitute Podcasters" and am fascinated by how all these series they cover are all published by the same company but the characters rarely interact in ways that would seem common place now.

      The closest we got to this kind of meet-up was Mike Allred's story in his "Solo" collection. It was a fun one-shot, but it really left me wanting more. I guess I'm asking about how Mark Waid might approach it.

  4. Or this one...

    Which version of the Composite-Superman do you prefer: the original, Amalgamax (from the issues of Worlds Finest just before it ended), or BION (from the 5 Year Later run)? Or perhaps a different version I neglected to mention? Also, could you specify whether your choice was based on being a fan or being a writer looking for storytelling possibilities?


  5. In the Reboot Legion, was the plan to eventually reveal R.J.Brande asJ'onnJ'onzz? I kept seeing clues to that effect, but nothing ever came of it...

    1. I was thinking the same thing but regarding the Legion / Legionaires series drawn by Jeff Moy .

      When the rebooted M'onel was freed from the Phantom Zone he was talking to R.J. about Martian artifacts and stated " He'd seen many things from the zone over the thousand years " .

      I though based on Brande's being startled and Mars artifacts he may actually be shape shifter Jonn Jonzz !

  6. Who was (is?) his favorite Legionnaire to write? Who was the most difficult to use well?

    Why did he never introduce any of the non-Bronze Age characters, like Tellus or Quislet or Wildfire or Dawnstar, into the series?