Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Who's Who: Tyr

by Russell & Siskoid

Real Name: Tyr
Super-Power(s): Great strength, sentient gun-arm
Planet of Origin: Tyrraz
Relationship to Legion: Villain

Legion Log
Tyr considered himself the greatest warlord from his planet, Tyrraz. Besides his enhanced strength and cunning, Tyr also boasts a cybernetic, semi-sentient gun-arm that can function and move independently. It can also fire incredible energy blasts, strong enough to stagger Superboy.

After conquering his own galaxy, Tyr set his sights on ours. Using a kidnapped Timber Wolf as his unwilling accomplice, Tyr initially attempted to cripple the Legion by destroying their headquarters. He was thwarted in this attempt by Timber Wolf and Saturn Girl. Thereafter, he felt an unbridled hatred towards both of them. Although Tyr was captured at this time, his gun-arm escaped.

While Tyr was still in the Legion's custody awaiting extradition back to his own galaxy, his robotic gun-arm attempted to break him free.  After blasting the entire Legion headquarters and stranding several members inside, it took control of Superboy and attempted to kill them. Only through the quick thinking of the Legionnaires was Tyr's gun-arm captured and de-powered.

Several years later, Tyr joined the Legion of Super-Villains, gladly swearing their blood oath to each kill a Legionnaire. After the LSV succeeded in moving their base of operations into a new dimension, Tyr was the one who led a group back into "our" universe in an attempt to kill or capture additional Legionnaires. He and his entire group were apprehended by the Legion.

Tyr's last appearance before the Magic Wars was as a warlord on his home planet, Tyrraz. The rulers of Tyrraz had succeeded in converting their planet into a mobile warship, and headed towards populated galaxies in a concentrated effort to enslave other worlds. The Legion, working with a misguided Controller, was able to stop Tyr. They destroyed Tyrraz' engines, stranding Tyr and his planet at the edge of the galaxy.

In 1985, Kenner made a Tyr Super-Powers action figure, which may have seemed odd since no other Legion characters were ever a part of the line. He consequently appeared in the third out-of-continuity Super Powers mini-series, where he is hired by Kalibak and Steppenwolf to help them free Darkseid from captivity. No rationale is given for his appearing in the 20th Century.

After the Reboot, Tyr appears as the Tyrrazian representative to the Dark Circle that ruled the Affiliated Planets. He is killed, along with the other members of the Circle, by Brainiac 4 for questioning her decision to declare war on the United Planets.

After the Threeboot, Tyr appears to be a member of the Wanderers, and is seen among their number when Mon-El makes the ultimate sacrifice to destroy the Dominion homeworld. If that is indeed him, he does not have a gun arm in this timeline.

After Infinite Crisis, Tyr's original history has more or less been restored. He appeared as a member of Super-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains during the Final Crisis, and as part of the LSV force mysteriously trying to get to Dream Girl in 21st-Century Arkham.

Tyr appeared in the Legion of Super Heroes animated series as the leader of the Lightspeed Vanguard, voiced by Khary Payton. Lightspeed. His physical abilities were a match for Superman's.

Defining Villainous Moment: 

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #4
Tyr is a very strong-willed member of the Legion of Super-Villains

Important Tyr Stories:

Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes #197
(reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 10
and Showcase Presents The Legion Vol. 5)
Tyr makes his debut using Timber Wolf to try to destroy the Legion

Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes #199
(reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 10
and Showcase Presents The Legion Vol. 5)
Tyr and his sentient gun-hand try again to destroy the Legion

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #2
(reprinted in LSH: An Eye For An Eye TPB)
Tyr has a rematch against a very pregnant Saturn Girl

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #3-5
(reprinted in LSH: An Eye For An Eye TPB)
Tyr is at the forefront of the battle between the LSV and the LSH

Super Powers Action Figure (1985)
Tyr is immortalized in the classic Kenners toy line
(with a gun that really shoots!)

Super Powers (v3) #1-4

In this tin-in to the toy line, Tyr joins the evil New Gods in their scheme

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #19-20
Tyr is revealed to be a warlord of the planet Tyrraz
(with a look that closely resembles his action figure)  

Legionnaires #62-63, Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #107-109
Tyr is a member of the Reboot's Dark Circle; see their entry for more

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #30
In the Threeboot, Tyr is apparently a member of the Wanderers

Justice Society of America (v3) #4
After Infinite Crisis, Tyr is part of the force that tries to get to a captive Dream Girl in Arkham Asylum

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #2
Tyr joins Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains

Legion of Super-Heroes animated series
Tyr, voiced by Khary Payton


  1. Tyr will always be a prime example of the downfall of the Super Powers line. Kenner was way to obsessed with the "Power Action" gimmick, and ignored popluar characters like Batgirl, Supergirl, Nightwing and Riddler for someone like Tyr, because he had a built in toy potential. Even as a kid, the power action was an afterthought for me, and I think for many kids.
    That being said, it was a great toy, and the firing missile still packs quite the wallop. But I don't think I had any idea who he was, since his issue of Who's Who hadn't shipped by the time the toy hit. I assumed he was an obscure New Gods character. He does fit in with the Kirby aesthetic a bit, looking like OMAC somewhat.


  2. Finding the toy as a kid was a serious moment for me, as I never even thought there could BE Legion toys out there! Disappointed they'd changed his look, but still.

    One of the cooler things about those first stories was they hinted pretty hard that the Gun was really the dominant intelligence in that duo. It's a pretty interesting idea it's a pity was never followed up on.