Monday, February 12, 2018

LEGION TOYS: Ultra Boy (Mattel 12-Pack)

by Derek William Crabbe
Is it just me, or is this action figure interpretation of Ultra Boy screaming to be played by Jared Padalecki? He has probably out-aged the role, but I think Padalecki, circa Season One of Supernatural, would make a terrific live-action Jo Nah. 

Ultra Boy, like Wildfire before him, is also on the 'adult' sized buck. Maybe the extra height compared to his fellow Legionaries is another reason why I think 'Moose' would work for live-action casting. Padalecki is about 6' 4, and relatively speaking, Ultra Boy is a few notches above his fellow Legionaries on the 'teen buck.' The head sculpt for Ultra Boy is a thing of beauty. From the happening 70's sideburns, to the Vidal Sassoon shine in the waves of his hair and the grit of his determined expression, Jo Nah's head looks fantastic. Also, the belt overlay and his boot cuffs are unique to this particular figure. Ultra Boy also has the claim to fame of being the only Legionnaire in the 12-pack with a slightly open (left) hand.

There are 24-points of articulation that I count on Ultra Boy. His head moves from left to right, and slightly up and down. His arms can move up and down, as well as rotate in a circular fashion. There are bicep cuts that swivel, joints at the elbow and the fists can rotate as well. He has an ab-crunch that moves in an approximately 30/70 ratio. He has a waist swivel, but the belt overlay can impede the standard range of articulation. His legs move up and he can also do the splits. Swivels are just above the knee. Knee joints and ankle rockers complete the standard articulation.

Probably beating a dead horse by this point, but the paint applications are terrific. The tampo emblem for the Ultra Boy symbol is extremely well done. There is no fade or conflict with the mostly red chest. There is no bleed to speak of and there is extreme care with the facial features, which only enhance the illusion of life the action figure emotes.

"That time everybody thought Ultra Boy murdered someone...."

Excellent figure and wonderful addition to any Legion Fan's collection. Just don't make him go all Emerald Dragon on you! Or you'll be sorry!


  1. I love Ultra Boy. He has always been my favorite Legionnaire. Great looking model of him, but why does his chest emblem look yellow instead of green? Other than that, close to perfection.

  2. Ultra Boy has always been one of my favorites too (and Tinya!).

    If anyone has a second, check out a drawing I did last march of my Top 5 favorites (apologies if this is a breach of the site's etiquette).

  3. Man, I keep kicking myself for not getting this Legion set. Keep rubbing it in Derek! No seriously, keep rubbing it in, because I really enjoy these reviews!