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Reboot: Legion of Super-Heroes Secret Files and Origins #1

In August of 2016, before we started reviewing the Reboot era, our fearless leader Little Russell Burbage reviewed the Legion's 1998 Secret Files (the first of three such specials). So for the issue's recap and an alternative opinion, please follow THIS LINK back to the original review. No redundancies, Siskoid & Shotgun will only give their own impressions of each "File".
Legionnaires Three (Legion origin)
I’m surprised they chose to retell the origin of the Legion from Triad’s point of view. Her perspective is an interesting twist on what we first read what...? Almost two years ago already? It was pleasant to revisit the beginning of our story as so much happened since then. I must admit that I was a bit scared it would only be a retelling, so I was happy to find the new story at the zoo. It does bring up some questions though. I remember the team being a lot less in sync during the bomb incident during their introduction at the U.P. Assembly. Since this story at the zoo actually happened before the bomb, and we know it’s happening before since they still wear the super generic costumes and are only the original three, one would assume they’d be able to work together more efficiently in a second crisis, no? Anyway, as Brande's assistant, Triad gave us plenty more information on his struggle with the installation of the United Planets and the idea behind the Legion.

We have to realize that in the real world, it had been some 4 of 5 years since the Reboot Legion premiered, so retelling their origin, especially if they were trying to attract new readers post-#100, made complete sense. I'm still glad to see that 1) it adds details we didn't know before, and 2) it includes an entirely new superhero adventure. On (1), it shows Triad as extremely instrumental to the creation of the Legion, as she creates the circumstances under which Brande is traveling. Furthermore, it fills a plot hole: Why was a super-rich man like Brande on the same commercial transport as three kids from the sticks? And finally, it features the first chronological appearance of Tenzil Kem, always fun.
As to (2), you won't have noticed SG, but Grimbor is a major Legion villain of yore who makes his first Reboot appearance as a sort of Kraven the Hunter type. The self-styled "Chainsman" had bigger ambitions in the original comics than staging a stampede in a zoo, but it's nevertheless a treat to see him here, albeit in such a reduced state. He'll make another appearance in an upcoming issue of Legionnaires, at any rate.
Interview with Shvaunghn Erin
I remember that short story where Shvaughn looks up the Legionnaires' exploits after being appointed to her job and how she warmed up to them. This interview is a fun way to bring it back. Of course, they want to know the inside gossip, but I like how she stays in the safe zone. Although refusing to answer is sometimes even more revealing than answering honestly.
Guided Tour
Well… What’s to say… Cool, I guess. I feel we’ve already seen all of this before when Chuck was putting the finishing touches with Chameleon a while back, and again when XS went through it in a past issue.
I guess the new thing here is seeing Magno at work in the monitor room, his new permanent post. And there's another Brainiac 5 joke. But you're probably right. Even Chuck feels like he's been saddled with tour guide duties.
Job Hunt
Fun way to answer a fan’s question. I’m pretty sure Cosmic Boy would never consider raising the Titanic as a good idea though. The rest kind of makes sense though. Especially Ayla, work that light show girl!
The question actually comes from the editor, but same difference, an amusing "cut scene" with Gates organizing the workers. The page format does bug me though (no pun intended). Why do we need to break the fourth wall here and as a result, make the page art smaller? As for the light show at the rock concert, is that Scare Tactics?! Man, I literally never think about those guys.
Profile pages
She’s listed as Violet!!! “Vi temporarily assumed Leviathan’s code name to honor him” YES! I’m so glad this was only temporary!
Chameleon – Am I the only one who thinks Cham looks like Keegan-Michael Key in that image?
The SG best profile award goes to: Kinetix & Umbra – The flow, the poses, these images are just so great. I love love love love love them!
The SG worst profile award goes to: Live wire and Triad – Ok seriously what’s with their faces. I can’t get over it… Sorry!
Obviously, one of the highlights is Phil Jimenez's group shot of every Reboot character seen to date (or at least 120 of them), but my personal favorite is Gates, with the communist art behind him.

First appearance of Grimbor in Reboot continuity.

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  1. Shotgun is lucky you didn't have her start with the pre-reboot Legionnaires if she doesn't like how Chris Sprouse draws faces. (Not that this is his best work, of course, but it's very distinctively Sprousian to my eye.