Friday, October 24, 2014

Hot: Violet Dresses Colossal Boy

Colossal Boy spends the vast majority of this story buck naked, captured and tortured by Starfinger (ii). Scenes like this one pun intended. 

The hottest scene, however, is when Shrinking Violet and Invisible Kid come to the rescue. They blast him free of his constraints, and then in the next panel...he has pants on. Check it out! 
So...she dressed him.
Unless you think it was Invisible Kid, who was just regaining consciousness himself.
More likely it was Violet, ironically, a long-time "crush" of Colossal Boy's who got to help him out while reminding him that he had helped rescue her in a similar situation (from when she was kidnapped by Imskian rebels).

And as they escape, Violet isn't too busy to give the guard a bit of a flash herself.

(Legion of Super-Heroes Annual 4 (1988), art by Barry Kitson and Romeo Tanghal)

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