Saturday, October 11, 2014

Legion Animated Series - Op-Ed From An 8 Year-Old Girl

by the Irredeemable Shag
As we prepared for the launch of this blog, I realized I'd never seen an episode of the Legion of Super Heroes animated TV series. It lasted two seasons (2006-2008) on the Kids' WB line of The CW network. Correcting this deficiency, I purchased the first season on DVD and watched with my family. We binge-watched the first three episodes. For me, it felt like the tone of the show sat somewhere between Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans. Superhero adventure, but with a slightly silly angle. Interested in my 8 year old daughter's opinion on the show, we sat down to discuss. Here is how the discussion went:

What did you think of the first three episodes of the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon?
It was ... (pause for consideration) ... good.

Who were your favorite characters?
  • The girl that could split into three girls (known to us as Triplicate Girl)
  • The girl that can read people’s mind - (known to us as Saturn Girl)
  • The lightning kid that has the little scar - (known to us as Lightning Lad)
  • The phantom girl - (known to us as Phantom Girl)
  • The brain person - (known to us as Brainaic 5)
  • The ball person. I don't really like him. He doesn't have a very good use to me. He just bounces. - (known to us as Bouncing Boy)

When asked about Superman, she had this to say:
Like, I know you wouldn't let me have my favorite character as Superman. You know I like him.  You know he’s one of my most favorite characters with Supergirl and stuff. I don’t want to use him there. He’s one of my favorite persons in the League with Supergirl and most of the girl characters and stuff.

Who was the scariest villain? 
The girl that you had to look into her eyeball. She’s also really pretty. (known to us as Emerald Empress)

Which was your favorite episode?
Where they met Alexis 'cause it was a really funny one. I like the first one and that one. The Timber Wolf one was kinda scary. You think he would be a bad guy, but he's really nice. ... (then she whispered to me, as if to protect a secret) ... It's a human. ... The very first one and third one are tied together.

At the end of the discussion, she timidly asked: 
Daddy, would you ever turn me into a monster like Timber Wolf?

I made her sweat the answer to that question for a moment or two, but then assured her I wasn't an evil scientist and wouldn't do that to her. Well, probably not.  :)

I'll be watching more episodes and will report back with my daughter's thoughts! Long Live the Legion!

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