Saturday, November 1, 2014

Legion Cosplay Spotlight: Rusty Winns

Over the last couple years I've had the opportunity to build something of a friendship with the very cool Rusty Winns. If you've visited my other blog, Kord Industries, you may have already seen some of the pics and interviews I've posted with him. Today though, we're taking a look at Rusty and his friends' Legion of Superheroes cosplay!

(Lightning Lad: Rusty Winns)

Rusty Winns: Thank you for taking an interest in my Lightning Lad costume. 

Tim "Substitute Blogger" Wallace: Of course! So the Legion of Super-bloggers wants to know why Lightning Lad? Is he a favorite of yours? 

Rusty: When I first started reading Legion of Superheroes I was a Timber Wolf fan. That was until the cartoon Legion of Superheroes started airing. As soon as I saw Garth portrayed as a tough but likable character he became my favorite. 

(Cosmic Boy: Jay Tallsquall, Saturn Girl: Heather Kelly, Lightning Lad: Rusty Winns)

Tim: What's your favorite character to cosplay? 

Rusty: I would have to say my favorite character to Costume as is Blue Beetle. The way he is normally written tends to be the most like my personality. Lightning Lad was a lot of fun too. But without the help of expert photo artists like Stacy Hockett at SGH Photoart it is a bit difficult to make lighting appear through my hands. 

(Livewire: Ash Wednesday, Lightning Lad: Rusty Winns, 
Superboy: Nick McFly, Cosmic Boy: Jay Tallsquall)

Tim: What's your favorite and least favorite cosplay experiences? 

Rusty: My least favorite part of this hobby is when I happen upon people that want to impress their friends by doing something silly to the "costumer". There is always that person that wants to make themselves feel bigger by making someone else feel smaller. Needless to say that does not work to well when it is attempted on me. The best parts of Costuming for me is costuming with my friends. There is nothing better than spending the day with a big group of friends and family. Especially when they enjoy the hobby as much as I do. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me. It is truly a pleasure to represent such a great classic character as Lightning Lad.

(Lightning Lad: Rusty Winns, Cosmic Boy: Jay Tallsquall, Superboy: Nick McFly)

If you like what you see, be sure to check out my other page for more. I'd like to recommend the post from my own blog (here) where I had a chance to discuss Rusty's charity work with Costumers With A Cause. I started the month of October with that post, so it seems fitting to bookend it with this one here!


  1. Awesome article!! Rusty seems like an awesome guy! Hope to meet him at a convention sometime!

    By the way, I'm pretty sure the guy in the photos is Superman X, not Superboy. :)

  2. Glad you liked it Nicholas! And Rusty is a great guy! If you do see him, be sure to say "Hi!"

    As far as Superboy/ may be right. I'd assumed it was Superboy from the Legion cartoon, but now that you mention it (and I googled it) that costume does look like Superman X...also from the Legion cartoon.