Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hot: Saturn Woman

Grant Morrison helped launch DC's The New 52 by writing one of the flagship titles, Action Comics. These stories chronicled the early days of Superman's career in this new universe. Wow, that series came out of the gate swinging! I loved the first handful of issues. Superman kicking butt while wearing a t-shirt, jeans, boots, and a towel-sized cape. Even though the storytelling was modern, it evoked the spirit of the Golden Age Superman.

Then we got to issue #6. Whoa. What happened here?!?! This issue was packed full of psuedo-science, time travel, multiple Supermen, the adult Legion, and much, much more. This issue was so densely-packed and confusing, I'm not sure if it was brilliant or a train-wreck.

Regardless what you thought of the story, this issue most definitely had one shining beacon of joy... smokin' hot adult Saturn Woman! Yup, Imra is all grown up and looks gorgeous!

Andy Kubert and John Dell drew the adult Legion story in Action Comics #6, but today we're going to feature some fan art. Below is a recent sketch of The New 52 Saturn Woman by Gene Gonzales, with colors by Simon Gough. Nicely done!
Long Live The Legion!

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