Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Who's Who: Flare

by Russell & Siskoid

Real Name: Ray Sah
Super-Power(s): Converts light into heat, flight
Planet of Origin: Rimbor
Relationship to Legion: Villain; member of the Fatal Five

Legion Log
Flare was abandoned by her parents on Rimbor after her solar powers began to manifest themselves. With little choice, she developed her mutant powers to eke out a living as a thief. As she got older her mastery of her heat powers increased, until she could fly as well as project heat and light. Taking the code-name Flare, she began to create a reputation for herself throughout the United Planets.

It was during one of these high-profile robberies that Flare's life was changed. The Emerald Empress, who was recruiting for a new Fatal Five, took an interest in her. She was impressed when Flare successfully stole a prototype space cruiser from Nullport, even though several Science Police officers had attempted to stop her.

Flare was ready to move "up" in the criminal world, so gladly accepted the Emerald Empress' offer to join the Fatal Five. However, when the new Fatal Five battled the Legion of Super-Heroes, Flare was soundly defeated and shipped to the prison planet Labyrinth.

After the so-called Five-Year Gap, Flare had disappeared during the post-Collapse chaos of 2990 before turning up as a mercenary in the Dominators' employ. She was captured by resistance forces.

Flare is not seen during either the Reboot or the Threeboot.

After Infinite Crisis, Flare's original history has presumably been more or less restored. She has not resurfaced.

Defining Villainous Moment: 

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #25
Flare gets First Strike against the Legion, destroying their cruiser

Important Flare Stories:

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #24
Flare makes her debut, getting the attention of the Emerald Empress 
during a high-profile robbery at Nullport

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #25 
 Flare is officially part of the New Fatal Five

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #26

Flare battles against Polar Boy and Tellus

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #29
5 years later, Flare is working with the Dominators occupying Earth

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #30
Flare is defeated by Fire Lad in her squad's attack on the Resistance


  1. Caress , Flare.... How lame was this Fatal Five ?

    Kind of like going from Number One in Super-Villain Teams to Number #147 .

    Why wasn't Gary Coleman ® Validus's replacement in this Legion of Loser's ?

    1. It is almost as if they decided to fill the Fatal Five up with "Bond Girl" like characters lol

  2. Caress and Flare had cameos during the Titans/Legion crossover with the Fatal 500. They appeared in a two page spread of the different Fatal Fives.

  3. I always wished we had seen Caress or Flare again. They both needed extreme fleshing out as characters.

  4. The group the Dominators sent after the Legion was a Fantastic Four knockoff. There was another Flare in comics, from Heroic Publishing as part of their Champions. Her solo book was mostly Mark Beachum tracing porn, years before Greg Land.

  5. I like Flare, but she doesn't belong in the Fatal Five, I prefer her as a non-killing thief-type.