Monday, February 28, 2022

The Legion of Daab Heroes!

I recently commissioned a poster of the Legion of Super-Heroes from my good buddy, artist extraordinaire Luke Daab. 

I told him I wanted it to call back to the Neal Adams 1976 calendar illustration, but maybe with them flying straight at the audience.

I also suggested he reference the Mike Grell Limited Collector's Edition cover, which also has the Legionnaires flying out at the reader. 

So I gave him a list of twelve of my favorite Legionnaires, and the era I wanted him to portray, and a list of others he could fit in if he had the space or if the design worked for them. 

And what he came up with blew my Legion-loving mind!!! 

Just take a look and you'll see the characters I love the most. It's always hard to narrow down Legionnaires, but I think I included a great collection of the Baxter-era members. Don't you agree? 

I HAD to start with the founders, and then front and center are my three favorites: Chameleon Boy, Shadow Lass, and Mon-El. And Tellus is a sentimental favorite, not only because he was the first non-humanoid member, but also because he was created by the late, great Steve Lightle. 

I also LOVE the pairing of Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy, flying side-by-side with Sensor Girl. Phantom Girl has her eyes on the mission, but Ultra Boy has his eyes on Phantom Girl, haha! 

I love this SO much. I hope you like it, too! This print is available at Luke's site: 

Daab Creative LSH #355 

Please head over there and get one of these for yourself! Believe me, it looks even better at a larger size. I just didn't want people to save this picture at a high-quality resolution. Go get yourself a real copy of this masterpiece! 

Or the set of post-cards based on these portraits...!

Long Live Luke Daab 
Long Live the Legion!!