Monday, November 22, 2021

Garfield in the 30th Century!

by Siskoid

It happened in the Legion of Super-Heroes' third volume, #32 to be exact. Heroes from the 30th Century had been kidnapped, depowered and kept prisoner on a planet. Heroes like Saturn Girl, Dream Girl, Atmos, and... Jon Arbuckle from Garfield?

Or possibly his descendant. But that would mean he procreated. Which doesn't seem likely from the strips, does it?

I wonder what his powers are. And if he'd have any chance at all in a Legion try-out.

Would they drum him out as soon as he started having conversations with his imaginary cat?

Or NOT so imaginary, as the Legion books would have it.

One theory is that the glacial pace at which the comic strips advance the story kept Jon AND Garfield young and alive for a thousand years. Garfield himself put in an appearance earlier in Legion of Super-Heroes vol.2 #300!

Looks like he's one of the Heroes of Lallor there! As is... Spider-Man!?

Well, that one I can't explain.


  1. I never noticed Spidey there, but I did spot Thor in one of the Great Darkness Saga issues.


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