Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Who's Who: Loose Leaf Edition

by Siskoid

Through most of this feature, we have exclusively used pages from the original Who's Who and its updates, only in a few cases posting images from the loose leaf version of Who's Who (1990) or its update (1993). Before we move on to the next phase, going through every character from Who's Who in the Legion that hasn't already appeared in these pages, we'd like to share the artwork we skipped over. We've chosen to show them in order of appearance (heroes, then allies, then villains), which for the loose leaf was quite haphazard, with issue 9 giving Legion the cover and most of the entries as a "theme". The first issue of the update also featured the Legionnaires. You'll see that in most cases, this edition of Who's Who gave the Legion (and similarly, L.E.G.I.O.N.) its own dress, the names fitted into the Legion logo.

Absent because they've appeared on this blog before: Kono, Laurel Gand, Spider-Girl, Persuader, Kent Shakespeare, Dev-Em, Glorith, Roxxas, Legion Subs, Devlin O'Ryan, Prince Evillo, New Earth, and Thrust. Let's start with the team's three pages:
The 5 Years Later era wasn't to everyone's tastes, and perhaps that's why the Who's Who team decided to give the original version some play in the 16th issue, as an "Event" entry:
By the update, we also had the SW6 Legion.
Alas, we weren't too far from Zero Hour and the Reboot, but that would always be a problem with Who's Who in a universe always beset by Crises.

On to the Legionnaires themselves...
And in the update...
The allies...
And the villains...
Hope you enjoyed this look back at our Who's Who binder, and that you'll be back next week when we open a very full can of worms by tackling Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes!


  1. I believe we are missing the Laurel entry? I was actually published twice, because she was wrongly color-coded the first time around.

  2. We only posted the ones we didn't show in their own entries.