Monday, October 9, 2017

The FWPodcast: Who's Who in the Legion (3)

The Fire and Water Podcast Presents…
Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes episode 3

The cross-over you thought would never finish----concludes!!!

The Irredeemable Shag teams-up with the Legion of Super-Bloggers to cover the galactic seven-issue mini-series! A three-episode podcast has its third and final episode on-line starting TODAY at the Fire & Water Podcast Network!

Our third and last (!) podcast episode features reviews of the fifth thru seventh issues of Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes, the seven issue mini-series from 1988. For Episode 3 of the podcast Shag welcomes a LEGION of special guests! To talk about issue #5 Shag is joined by Kyle Benning and Little Russell Burbage of Rimbor. Featured characters include Mordru, Phantom Girl, Polar Boy, and Saturn Girl! For the middle bridge of the episode Shag is joined by one-name entities Siskoid and Anj to talk about issue #6. Their characters includes Sensor Girl, Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, and Sun Boy, who was ecstatic to be in this company. And lastly, the entire she-bang is wrapped up when Shag is joined by Siskoid and Russell again to talk about issue 7, which features everyone's favorites, The Wanderers!

Split in two for your listening convenience, issues 5 and 6 are covered at
And issue 7 at

Slip on your Legion Flight Ring and fly over there RIGHT NOW and listen. Then leave Listener Feedback on their page as well as here on our page.

Here is some great art to whet your appetite for the profiles that we talk about!

The cover to Who's Who in the Legion #5 is by Greg LaRoque and Larry Mahlstedt. We decide that they were going for a kind of "day in the life of" picture, but.....a lot of white space up front in you know what we're talking about. Quislet is definitely taking up too much space.

In the first bit of this EPIC podcast Shag, Kyle, and Russell especially enjoyed talking about the following.

Polar Boy by Ty Templeton.

Mark Waid & Karl Kesel got paid to draw these? 

Pulsar Stargrave by *bad* Kyle Baker

Quicksand gets a full-body pose by Rick Stasi & Joe Rubinstein 
We wonder why

Saturn Girl by Curt Swan and Karl Kesel

The cover to Who's Who in the Legion #6 is by Valentino and George Perez. It's the most "classic" design of the series, with all (?) of the then-current Legionnaires featured...and then some!

In the middle Triplicate Girl of today's podcast, Shag, Anj, and Siskoid talk about quite a few characters, including these winners:

Servants of Darkness by Keith Giffen & Bob Smith

Starfinger 2 by Ken Steacy

Superboy (but no Supergirl!) by Curt Swan & Ty Templeton

Tellus by Greg LaRocque & Mike DeCarlo 
Because he's one of my favorites, that's why

Timber Wolf by Mike Zeck

The cover to Who's Who in the Legion #7 is by Brian Augustyn, Colleen Doran, Grant Miehm, Kez, Mike Carlin, Mike DeCarlo, Mark Waid, Richard Bruning, Robert Campanella, or Ty Templeton. We'll let you try to guess who did which.

To wrap up this mini-series and this podcast, Shag, Siskoid, and Russell talk about quite possibly the *best* issue of the seven, because it includes:

The Time Trapper trips through time 
by Mike DeCarlo

Tyroc, we hardly knew ye
by *good* Kyle Baker

Who wore it better? 
Keith Giffen's redo....
or Steve Ditko/Dave Hunt's original?  

The Wanderers by Dave Cooper & Robert Campanella

Image result for dion and the belmonts
The Wanderer 
by Dion & the Belmonts

White Witch casts a spell by Jose Villarrubia & Karl Kesel

Zoraz by Grant Miehm 
(not Sean Connery; that was Zardoz)
....and that ends the Who's Who series on the same character who *started* it!! 
(Listen to the episode to figure out what we mean....) 


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  1. "Zoraz" was first Sun Boy then Superboy and finally the stories villain / future story arc Lead Bad Guy and Legionaire "Absorbance Boy / Earth- Man !

    Really had potential to have been admitted as a member instead of say .....

    Tyroc !