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L.E.G.I.O.N. '92 #40

L.E.G.I.O.N. '92 #40 (June 1992)
title: "Costs"
writer: Barry Kitson
penciller: Barry Kitson 
inker: Robin Smith
letterer: Gasper Saladino
colorist: Lovern Kindzierski
editor: Dan Raspler
cover art: Dan Brereton
review by: Mike "Nostalgic Kid" Lane

Recap: The gangster G'odd placed his daughter, Ig'nea, among the L.E.G.I.O.N.'s new recruits, and she used her power of control to make Dox fall in love with her. Under her influence, Dox disbanded the entire organization. While the other new recruits tried to form their own organization to carry on, Garv, Stealth, Telepath, and Captain Comet came under attack. They barely won the battle, but Telepath was able to learn from their new prisoners that G'odd was responsibleMeanwhile, Dox and Ig'nea travelled to meet her father. Dox observed Ig'nea murdering her gardner and began to suspect that things may not be as they seemed. He eventually realized that he had been manipulated and started to formulate a plan. The rest of L.E.G.I.O.N. arrived on the planet and occupied G'odd's troops while Dox hunted him down. Instead of killing him, Dox left G'odd tied up so he would become food for his own pet bird. Dox also found Ig'nea but by the time Comet arrived on the scene, she was gone. Despite breaking her influence, Dox still harbored feelings for her and apparently let her escape. Once everyone was reunited, Dox declared the L.E.G.I.O.N. reborn.

Dox has sent Strata, Stealth, Telepath, and several new recruits to the planet Emballinn to investigate the death of a local L.E.G.I.O.N.aire's daughter. She died of a drug overdose, which has become an increasing problem since off-world mining began. Their attention is drawn to a sudden explosion in the sky caused by asteroid blasting. A local explains that the alien Kyaltecs' have mining rights to the belt surrounding the planets and such explosions have become are the result. They are taken to meet Cuspin, the father of the deceased girl. He says she had been hanging out with a rowdy group of Kyaltecs even though he had warned her to keep away. She was found pumped full of their drugs and by then the Kyaltecs were off planet.
On Cairn, Phase tells Dox that she is worried the mission to Emballinn may involve the Kyaltecs, who are from one of the most powerful unaligned planets in that sector. He dismisses her concerns, saying that he is busy and he should trust the mission to Stealth and Strata. He also orders her to get their planned reorganization underway.

Elsewhere, Captain Comet attempts to speak with Bek about Marij'n but it does not go well. Bek blows up at Comet and (obviously lying) claims that he only married Marij'n to get close to her hoodlum father.

Above Emballin, Strata and the gang approach the Kyaltec mining space station. The Overseer of the station, Shoten Uressou, denies their request to dock because he claims they are experiencing a system failure, but does agree to let them communicate with the "witness" to the girls death that they are seeking.
Strata thanks the Overseer for allowing them to speak with the witness and agrees to leave in peace. After they cut off communication, Telepath confirms what they all suspect, that the man was lying and that he did give the girl the drugs. Everyone agrees that they cannot wait for reinforcements to arrive.

Back on Cairn, Lady Quark is remembering her husband, Lord Volt, who was killed with her daughter and their entire planet during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. She images for a moment that he is there with her, but her vision turns out to just be Garv. He had been told by Dox that she would be expecting him.

Strata and her squad sneak aboard the mining station but are quickly discovered. They find their suspect but he is accompanied by a small army.
For a time, it seems certain they will be overrun, but Strata is able to get the one they are seeking into her hands. The threat of popping his head like a pimple seems enough to stop the fight. The situation has not lessened the cockiness of their suspect, who warns them that even if they get him off the station, he is Kyaltec, and their Empire will wipe the L.E.G.I.O.N. from the universe. He is surprised to discover that the Overseer, his own father, has a different idea.
When Phase reports the success of the mission to Dox, he reveals that he had been negotiating with the Kyaltics the whole time. He knew that they were ruthlessly rational and would back down to preserve their mining operation. She is angry he never informed Strata, but he explains that after their temporary dissolution, they needed a public relations coup. This way, word will spread that the L.E.G.I.O.N. took on the Kyaltecs and won. Their discussion is interrupted by Marij'n, who is concerned that Garv and Lady Quark's life signs have vanished.
Well, things are getting back to normal quickly, particularly for Dox. Manipulating things from behind the scenes, pissing off his teammates, and ultimately getting exactly what he wants. The stuff that makes him such an infuriating but awesome character.

I do not have much to say about the mission that Strata and Stealth were on, other than to note the very satisfying conclusion of having the Overseer hand over his son. I did not bring up that the new Khund recruit was on the mission too, but he is turning out to be the most fascinating of the new recruits. He has the obnoxious bluster we would expect from a Khund, and he is anxious to resort to violence, but he also sincerely wants to be a contributing member of the team. When offered advice by one of the other recruits, he takes it to heart.

After being impressed with Bek over the last few issues, as he single-handedly held together the organization on Cairn after Dox ordered the L.E.G.I.O.N.  dissolved, I was disappointed to see him return to form this issue. Part of me wants to give him a pass because his tantrum came from his pain over losing Marij'n. But it also reminded me what a cruel history he has with her, so another part of me wishes Comet has clocked him.

Obviously, we were teased with a new mission for Garv and Lady Quark but there are no hints as to what it could be. I do look forward to it as Garv is possibly the most likable member of the team, and Lady Quark has begun to let her guard down. So please check back with me next week to see what those two are up to!

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