Monday, July 5, 2021

LEGION TOYS: Darkseid (DC Super-Heroes)

The most powerful being on Apokolips. A twisted mockery of a world shaped by the greatest evil the universe has ever known, Darkseid the Destroyer. His mad lust called for the total destruction of his enemies.

Some evil cannot be destroyed: Great Darkseid the Destroyer survived for centuries. His ultimate vanquishment has never been recorded. By the 30th Century, Darkseid is revealed to be the mastermind behind The Great Darkness Saga.

Darkseid's sculpt is unique and all-original to the DC Super-Heroes Select Sculpt series. He is slightly taller than your standard six inch adult DC Universe Classics body type. This sculpt and body is my preferred version of Darkseid. It looks less like a brawler and more like the shrewd planner he is. Darkseid plays the long-game for keeps and this sculpt accurately reflects this modus operandi. 

"Thank the Hero Points Podcast for giving Derek the idea to pit Dream against Darkseid."

I count 22 points of articulation on Darkseid in total. His neck can move in a 360 rotation, a tad up and a little ways down. Side to side is also there, but barely. Arms can move up and down in a somewhat limited fashion, as well as rotate in a circular fashion. There are bicep cuts that swivel and single joints at the elbow. There is rotation at the glove cuts. There is no ab-crunch to speak of, but there is and waist swivel above the belt cut. The legs move forward and back and could probably do the splits if not for the skirt hindering the articulation. Single-Knee joints and ankle tilts for forward and backward motion complete the standard articulation.

The DC Super-Heroes Select Sculpt series released two versions of the Lord of Apokolips. Essentially the same sculpt, but with slightly different paint applications. The primary version being reviewed here features the dark blues and the dark grey on his stone-like skin. Darkseid's girdle or belt has a metallic blue that sets it apart from the dark blues of his attire. Of course you can't have Darkseid without the red painted eyes to represent his ultimate offensive weapon, his Omega Beams!

Even though DC Universe Classics ultimately released Darkseid as a Collect and Connect figure in Wave 12,  I have to admit, while the sculpt of the CnC figure is great, I think it's a bit too big for Darkseid. This is why I went with the DC Super-Heroes Select Sculpt for the review. Darkseid is slightly taller than the adult Super-Hero body type, but isn't enormous either.

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