Monday, August 2, 2021

LEGION TOYS: Mongul (DC Super-Heroes)

An extraterrestrial tyrant who controls his empire through gladiatorial death matches and  the ever-present threat of the planetary super-weapon called Warworld. When Mongul took control of a deadly Sun-Eater, he was opposed  by Superman, Supergirl, the Justice League of America, and, of course, the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Mongul's sculpt is well done and unique to the DC Super-Heroes Select Sculpt series. The boots, belt, knee pads, thigh-straps, shoulder-straps,  brace gauntlets, head and chest mounted energy cannon are all exclusive to Mongul's sculpt. Though the boots may have helped Lex Luthor's DC Universe Classics Warsuit sculpt. Mongul's expression is fraught with an angered and wrinkled brow. The padding and piping on his chest, legs and arms is specially sculpted. Their are a multitude of studs on the thigh-straps, shoulder-straps, and brace gauntlets. He is slightly taller than your standard six inch adult DC Universe Classics body type. Unlike Darkseid, however, I think Mongul could have used the larger Collect and Connect body type treatment.

I count 22 points of articulation on Mongul in total. His neck can move in a 360 rotation, a tad up and a good ways down. Side to side is also there, but barely. Arms can move up and down in a somewhat limited fashion, as well as rotate in a circular fashion. There are bicep cuts that swivel and single joints at the elbow. There is rotation at the wrists and an ab-crunch. There is a  waist swivel above the sculpted belt. The legs move forward and back and could probably do the splits if not for the belt hindering the articulation. Single-Knee joints and ankle tilts for forward and backward motion complete the standard articulation.

There is a lot going on here with Mongul. The Dark flat purples along with gold studs painted on the chest and arms. The light purple with the same gold studs painted at the neck. The center of the chest mounted energy cannon also has the gold detailing. Some glossy purple also is part of the chest and arms. The belt and thigh straps are silver with black studs as well as red, gold and black buttons on the belt. Gray on the legs and glossy light purple on the boots. The yellow flesh is darkened greatly by a brown wash on the face and fists. The white of the gritted teeth and blackened eyes extend to the front of the head sculpt. At the sides and rear is a silver head piece, with some gold detailing at the ear guards.

The paint applications and the sculpt have plenty to offer any discerning collector. I think other than Mongul's size being a bit small, the figure itself is excellent. While originally released in the DC Super-Heroes Select Sculpt series, Mongul was later re-released alongside the Cyborg Superman in the DC Universe Classics Super-Enemies Figure Pack. Mongul was also re-used for his Sinestro Corps version in the DC Universe Green Lantern Classics Wave One. An okay figure, but a little bit on the small side.

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