Friday, January 8, 2016

5YL: Who's Who Supporting Cast

Welcome to my last entry specifically looking at the 5YL run of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I suppose I am going out with a whimper and not a bang.

The last of the 5YL Legion Who's Who pages looked specifically at the supporting cast of the book.

One of the strong points of this book was the cast of characters on the periphery of the book. While the initial year concentrated on the Legionnaires themselves, reorganizing as a team, the latter years really bulked up the supporting cast. This gave the book a tremendous depth, a staple of the best Legion books when the role call was vast. Each small image highlights the character nicely, from Rond being to caring father to Circe puffing away on her cigarette.

The image page, done by Jason Pearson and Karl Story, showcases Rond Vidar, King Jonn, Circe, and Schvaughn Erin (before her reveal).

The back page adds three more characters: Loomis, Marte Allon, and (my favorite) Calorie Queen.

The text adds a richness to some of these characters, introducing small snippets of history that weren't known before. I suppose that is something of a cheat. All the characters history should be in the comics themselves. But reading some of the details of Circe's history here made her an even more complex character.

And so let us put my coverage of the 5YL Legion to bed. I started this journey way back on 8/31/14 and can't believe I got through it.

But don't fret True Believers, there'll be more Anj reviews coming up soon!

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