Monday, July 14, 2014

Lore Of The Legion part two

In the early 1970s, DC included all sorts of special text pieces and quizzes as well as reprints in their "One Hundred Pages for Sixty Cents" super-giant comics. In Superboy #205 (Dec 1974) we got a second selection of profiles of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The text is most likely by former Legion writer E. Nelson Bridwell. The art for the first two pages is by Dave Cockrum, of course. 

These members and costumes were correct at this time, but four issues later Karate Kid went back to his yellow-black-white uniform that Cockrum had given him and then discarded. Mike Grell, who had taken over the art chores after Dave had left, preferred the high collar look to the dull beige robe.

To fill out the membership roll call, pictures were clipped from actual stories to illustrate the late Ferro Lad, Jimmy Olsen, Kid Psycho, Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Rond Vidar. It's interesting to notice that three of the Reservists were Superboy/Superman supporting characters, making the link between the Legion and Kal-El even stronger. Rond Vidar appeared frequently in the pages of LSH, but Kid Psycho was not seen again in an actual story until his death during CRISIS. 

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