Sunday, February 22, 2015

Legion Archive 6: Stuart Immonen

Continuing our series on the art of The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives. The sixth volume boasts a "throw-back" job by then-current Legion artist Stuart Immonen. Looking at this piece it would appear that DC told Immonen to draw his favorite Legionnaires, regardless of which era they were from. I say that because the hero of this collection is definitely Ferro Lad, who is not shown in this illustration at all! Still, it's a wonderful piece, showing off how much fun Bouncing Boy was to have around....literally!

Adventure Comics #350-358 
We are deep into the Jim Shooter era of the Legion, although the expulsion and return of Superboy and Supergirl in the first two issues was actually written by E. Nelson Bridwell. He also wrote "The Five Legion Orphans" in Adventure #356. Lana Lang as Insect Queen meets the Legion in Adventure #355 by Otto Binder.

Year Six continues under the leadership of Invisible Kid. Right away we get the expulsions of Superboy and Supergirl due to a Green Krptonite cloud floating in our atmosphere and the induction of their replacements, Sir Prize and Miss Terious. Although nobody could believe that they were the Teens of Steel...who *were* they? Soon we get the return of Bouncing Boy, Lightning Lad gets his arm back, and Matter-Eater Lad is thinned down again. Then we are treated to the most dramatic story in Legion history, the creation of the Fatal Five and The Sacrifice of Ferro Lad. We also get the infamous "Adult Legion" story, along with several other lesser-known gems. This is a great collection~!


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