Monday, January 31, 2022

The End of the LSB!

It's with a strong sense of bittersweet satisfaction that I announce the semi-retirement of the Legion of Super-Bloggers. 

The Super-Bloggers was started back in July 2014 to celebrate all things Legion. Seven plus years later, we've read and critiqued all eight versions of the group, plus various supporting titles and groups. Check out the links on the right side of this page if you don't believe me! Believe it or not, we have run out of things to say about the Legion of Super-Heroes! 

Don't worry, though, we're not going to close the blog down. We promise we will be back whenever there is a Legion related comic, such as JLA vs LSH #2 in late February. Of course, if (when?) an ongoing Legion series comes back, we'll be back to cover that, too. And if one of our bloggers has an essay or something similar that they want to share, we'll post it. We know that are still some Legion comics we didn't get around to covering, and we may get to them now that we won't have a self-established publishing deadline to meet. (We know that we never got around to reviewing The Wanderers. It's on our list.) 

We simply don't have enough material to cover on a daily or thrice weekly or even weekly basis. Believe it or not, we started with the Silver Age and have gone all the way to the current versions! And while that is somewhat sad, it's also quite an accomplishment. 

So keep your eyes open and we'll be back with a new post before you know it! 

Huge shout-out to Shagg, Siskoid, Kyle, Tim, Dr. Anj, Glenn, David, Condo, Mike, Derek, and Emsley, and to all other bloggers who have helped out in the past seven years. 




  1. I'm sorry to hear that regular content will no longer be coming, but you all have more than earned your rest. Thanks for the entertainment and the education! I learned so much about the Legion from all of you! Congratulations to Russell and the entire crew on an epic acheivement!

  2. I'm sorry to hear this, but I quite understand. It's hard coming up with a fresh way to cover things without retrodding ground that already been covered. Indeed, the Legion itself was accused of that during the various reboots. I'll send you any ideas I have for new content as they occur to me. I've thought of one covering 30th century science stuff but it hasn't gotten any further than a mere concept.

    1. Keep 'em coming, Emsley! I have one about animals in the 30th century that I have been working on for a few years. Eventually it may be done, haha!

  3. You'll be missed but I appreciate the sentinme t (did it myself a couple years ago!) looking forward to more content when we get it from DC! LLL!

  4. Understood. Maybe if Bendis would actually give some backstory to new characters that would provide some content.

    I'm working on a project right now applying the Bechdel test to Legion runs. The results are interesting. It is slowgoing though.

  5. Probably better to (semi-)retire than struggle to find any tenuous connection to justify covering random comics. (I mean, you could have used the L.E.G.I.O.N. connection to go through all the Lobo comics, but... that'd be a stretch, and even as someone who likes Lobo, I don't think I'd want to have to go over every appearance.) Hopefully DC will give us some regular Legion appearances in the near future (and even more hopefully they won't involve Bendis).

    (I was curious if you were ever going to cover The Wanderers, but it's certainly another book I don't think I'd want to have to cover myself. I mean, I haven't actually read it since it came out, but I remember it ranging from bland and unmemorable at best to... well, the dinosaurs. Yikes.)

    1. The Wanderers is the series that we kept talking about doing but nobody ever wanted to grab it by The major reason I never committed to it is that I am missing an issue, and I can never remember which one it is, so I never manage to find it. Haha! Someday.....!

  6. Thanks for so many great columns!

  7. Well, this was a bit of a surprise but understandable considering how much you have covered since 2014. Like many of the comments above I've learnt a lot about the legion and that's why in part I decided to make sure that I own every Legion title in some form or other (and picking up a nice run of V6 and V7 tomorrow as it happens) Enjoy your semi-retirement and whenever you publish something new, I'll be here.

  8. I was invited to this site by Shag lo those many years ago and jumped at the chance. I definitely love the Legion and definitely wanted to be part of this.

    I have been blogging about comics since 2008 and I know without a doubt that my reviewing the early 5YL books is going to be my high water mark for comic content anywhere.

    I enjoyed reading everything that was on this site particularly the coverage of the 'Archie' Legion as that was the first Legion run I have never read.

    Thanks for being such a great manager Russell! Hope to find something I can put up here at some point in the future!

  9. Thanks for everything. Long live the Legion.

  10. Well, I suppose I'll just stop by once a week instead of daily!

    Thank you all so much for such an enjoyable place to reminisce and learn new things. To experience my favorite DC team through others' eyes. And to enjoy spirited writing and debate about all things Legion. Your work is very much appreciated!

  11. Thank you all so much for creating this amazing resource!

  12. "eight versions of the group"

    * Original
    * Goliath-Verse
    * 5 Years Later
    * Legionnaies Clone Batch
    * Reboot
    * Threeboot
    * Retroboot
    * Bendisboot

    Did I get it right?

  13. Great site. I have been reading on here regularly since the pandemic started. I plan to come back and mine more resources ass time permits. You all have earned your rest, as well as your place in legion fandom. Thanks

  14. It's been a fun ride. I know there will be more, just not frequently. But yeah, things were getting pretty peripheral to Legion sometimes.

    While I haven't always agreed, it's been fun to see what other have had to say.

    Though if someone wants to tackle a fresh topic, I'd love to see what others think of the Mayfair game interpretations of various Legionnaires.

    - Boston Moss

  15. This is a great Legion resource. Shame there isn't enough new Legion material coming out to help keep this going.

    Is there a checklist of all for the Legion of Super-Heroes appearances somewhere on this site. I looked but couldn't find one.

    1. Continuity Kid wrote one but maybe we never posted it? I'll look and if I have it I'll post it! :-)


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  18. Thanks for all the hard work! The Legion is such a near-dead property in comics that resources like this are what people need to realize what the big deal was back in the day, and why they were so much fun to read!

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