Monday, December 14, 2015

Art Institute of Zoon: Thomas Zahler

I met Thomas Zahler over the summer when we had a mini- Fire and Water Podcast Family meeting in Columbus, Ohio. That's Tom on the far left, The Irredeemable One next to him, and ye editor next. (For purists, the others are Nuclear Subs JC, Michael, Emily, Van-Zee, and Professor Quarterbin!)

At that time I praised him for his great Love & Capes series, as well as for his non-super-hero mini-series Long Distance. If you haven't read either of these, you should try them. Love & Capes is a "romantic comedy" super-hero series based off the traditional Superman-Lois Lane relationship.
Long Distance is about a woman from Chicago and a man from Columbus who "meet cute" at an airport and then realize location is going to be a problem. It's a four-issue comedy-drama that is totally outside the realm of super-heroes. It's adorable.
When we were together we talked a little bit about the Legion of Super-Heroes. He admitted that he was a fan of "classic" Legion, so I asked for a commission of two of his favorite Legionnaires. I gave him a few choices but left the final decision up to him.

He responded with this fantastic piece.

Great work, Mr. Zahler!

Here are a few more Legion related works by him.

You can find Thomas Zahler at both and  Ask him for a Legion commission and see what you get! Or you can find his stuff at your local comic book store in the IDW section.

Thanks, Tom! 
Long Live The Legion!