Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Coming Attractions----!

Starting this week we'll have a slight schedule change here at Legion of Super-Bloggers! 

Starting October 4, Tuesdays will now be Gerry Conway Legion Day! We'll be reviewing the 1980 Legion title from its first issue without Superboy, i.e. Legion of Super-Heroes #260. We'll be picking up right where we left off with Superboy/Legion #259.

But don't fret, efffendi! The Reboot 1990s Legion & Legionnaires reviews that have been posting on Tuesdays aren't going away! They will move to Thursdays starting this week, September 29! Shotgun and Siskoid 5 will continue their series of posts on their new day without missing a beat.

So here's the revised schedule:

Anything and Everything Day!

The Legion (vol 2) by Gerry Conway! 

Who's Who, currently featuring Friends & Enemies of the Legion!

Shotgun and Siskoid 5 reviewing The Reboot Legion of the 90s

Anj's reviews of Threeboot Legion

Stay with us, and if there is any era or specials you would especially love to see, let us know!

Long Live the Legion!!

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