Monday, January 23, 2017

The FWPodcast: Who's Who in the Legion (1)

The Fire and Water Podcast Presents…
Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes episode 1

The Irredeemable Shag teams-up with the Legion of Super-Bloggers to cover the galactic seven-issue mini-series! A three-episode podcast starting TODAY at the Fire & Water Podcast Network!

Our first podcast episode features reviews of the first two issues. For Volume 1 Shag welcomes LSB Leader Russell Burbage to talk about Absorbency Boy, the Bacard Barley Circus, and Dev-Em, among many many others! For Volume 2 Shag talks with Dr. Anj and Kyle Benning about Dream Girl, the Dominators, the Fatal Five, and many many more! They then discuss a special missing entry provided by the multi-talented Xum Yukinori!

You can find the episode on

Hop in your Legion Cruiser and go there RIGHT NOW and listen. Then leave Listener Feedback on their page as well as here on our page.

Here is some great art to whet your appetite for what we're talking about!

Both covers are by the one-and-only Steve Lightle, who also drew the first few pags of the "origin" tale. They seem to represent "current" Legionnaires reviewing some "past" missions. Steve also provided this group shot, which could have been the cover....!

In the first half, Shag and Russell spend a lot of time talking (that goes without saying, which is, ironically, why we are saying it). We mostly stick on topic, including these classic characters.

The unique six-panel profile page, featuring future "Earth-Man" Absorbency Boy in the top left corner. Note the color coding in each individual entry.

Art by Curt Swan and George Perez.

The Bacard Barley Circus by Joe Staton and Karl Kesel.

Chameleon Boy by Dave Cockrum.

Captain Frakes by Dan Jurgens & Robert Campanella. Her clothes just scream "Space Pirate," right, matey?

Dev-Em by Rob Liefeld & Karl Kesel, whose origin is made up from whole cloth. WTW?

Then in the second half of the episode, Shag teams with Dr. Anj and Kyle to talk through the "D" characters and into "G" characters. Not a grading system. Along the way they hit on several of the characters. Validus hits back.

Dream Girl in a seductive pose by Greg LaRocque and George Perez.

Duo Damsel splitting the scene by Dave Cockrum.

The Fatal Five running towards their destiny, by Dan Jurgens & Robert Campanella.

We also talk a little about the Interlac and the members' logos, as featured on the inner last page. Notice the absence of Supergirl's logo, which used to be a mix of Superboy's S and the female mark, such as in Phantom Girl's.


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