Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Dreaming of 2017 by Russell "Don't Call Me Dream Girl" Burbage
As we board our Legion Cruiser and prepare to jettison the year 2016 into The Past, let's take a moment to note what we hope to see or do in The Future of 2017.....

I think I speak for the entire Legion of Super-Bloggers when I say that we hope to see a new Legion feature in 2017. We have gotten hints in 2016, such as a Legionnaire prisoner in Gotham Penitentiary from BATMAN #9. Is this Saturn Girl? Dream Girl? Or Someone else? That is fairly clearly the Legion logo our "Jane Doe" is making here.
Currently, the Emerald Empress is one of the villains appearing in the JLA-Suicide Squad crossover. How can we have an Emerald Empress without a Legion of Super-Heroes? From the DC Direct newsletter:
Is this large enough for you to read what this says about her? It's quoting Amanda Waller saying, "The Empress came to our time hunting for someone, but instead she found me."

And then there is this scene from JLA vs. SS #2:
So we're gonna keep an eye on this series and watch how it develops, that's for sure!

Coming up in January is the long-awaited Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes podcast. Although "The Water" of The Fire & Water Podcast Network hates the Legion with the passion of one thousand Sun Boys, LSB founding member Shaggy Lad has managed to schedule it regardless. Irredeemable Boy is teaming up with several other founding members to talk about the seven issue series. The first episode should go live in January, so look forward to that!
We hope to continue to "network" in the new year, planning on some actual face-to-face meetings! A few of us have already committed to meeting up at the Pax Galactica hotel on planet Rimbor, aka Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina. The three day convention runs June 16-18. If you are interested in attending, check out the details on the Heroes Con homepage. We hope to have a huge Legion presence!
We know that this event is too far or too expensive or just not the right timing for all of us to get together. So we hope to plan possibly smaller, more personal encounters in 2017 as well. Chicago? Baltimore? Somewhere on the West Coast? If you are reading this and are planning on attending a convention in the new year, drop us a line on our FB page! We would love to get together and share the Legion Love!
Speaking of Legion Love, that brings us to this page itself. There are some changes coming in 2017, and I am filled with excitement and anxiety as we head into the future. Personally, I look forward to the conclusion of the reviews for the early Eighties' Legion of Super-Heroes book by Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas. Those reviews currently run on Tuesday each week, but will be ending in March.
Similarly, the reviews for the Jim Shooter Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes book will end at the beginning of March. Those reviews by Anj currently run on Fridays each week.

We aren't sure what content will take the place on these two days, but we are having several hush-hush meetings trying to decide. That's where the anxiety is coming in. All I can say at this point is that we promise to try to keep up the level of entertainment you have come to expect from this site.

So on that note, let's raise our glasses to 2016 as we incinerate it with our anti-energy. Here's to the New Year, may it be a damn sight better than the last one!
Onward, into the future~!!


  1. I love this blog! I've been reading it for over a year, but keeping my thoughts to myself. I plan to comment much more! I love all the reviews! I stopped buying comics pretty much just after Crisis. As far as I 'm concerned, DC without the 30th century and Earth-2 is nothing! I've enjoyed the synopses of Five Years Later, and SW6, and Threeboot, and whatever the hell else happened! Keep up the great work Russ, and Anj, and Siskoid, and the rest! (Especially my secret Canadian girlfriends who cast judgement on hotness!) I have also followed many of you to the various podcasts on which you appear! Soon my comments should start to appear on the reviews of some of my favorite stories! Long Live the Legion!

    1. Welcome to the party,and thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to hearing from you daily! ;-)