Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Legion (v2) #284-296

As we are about to start the last part of the Paul Levitz-Keith Giffen newstand Legion of Super-Heroes run, let's review where we've been and what has gone before---! 
Each of the stories after Legion of Super-Heroes #284 (Paul Levitz's first issue back) and LSH #296 were included in Kyle's fantastic review of The Great Darkness Saga HC collection. So we aren't going to go over them again, but we do want to review the year in-between where we ended and where we're about to pick-up.

Here's our quick review. There is a hyper-link to each specific issue if you missed them the first time, or if you want to re-read the reviews before we get back into this time-line.....  

DC Comics Presents #43
The Legion goes back in time to help Superman fight Mongul
and another Sun-Eater. Jimmy Olsen appears as an Honorary

Paul Levitz' first issue back as "permanent" writer, teamed up
with Pat Broderick. Timber Wolf loses his "feral" look.

Legion #285
The introduction of Nullport, and the re-introduction of the Khunds
as a major headache in the United Planets. 

Legion #286
Chameleon Boy has trouble coming to grips with the fact that his
father is RJ Brande. Also Superboy appears. 

Legion #287
Chameleon Boy leads Timber Wolf and Shrinking Violet on a
raid to Khundia with disastrous results.
Keith Giffen's first "lead" story. 

Legion #288
Princess Projectra earns the title of Queen of Orando.

Legion #289
Colossal Boy & Shrinking Violet embrace....
and so do Saturn Girl and Timber Wolf!

Legion Annual #1 (1982)
Computo returns, and the new Invisible Kid joins

Legion #290
Superboy returns, and the Great Darkness Saga officially begins

Legion #291
The "Master" absorbs energy from the Time Trapper & Mordru
in his attempt to return to power

Legion #292
Dream Girl is elected Leader as the Servants of Darkness battle on

Legion #293
The Legion figures out who they are up against, including a
planet full of mind-controlled Daxamites!

Legion #294
The title says it all, "Darkseid!"

Legion #295
Blok shows Timber Wolf a holo-vid of an early Legion case,
which helps him decide to stay. Light Lass, however, quits.
White Witch officially agrees to join.

Legion #296
A terrorist group unleashes a "fire-ball" in the Metropolis
neighborhood where Cosmic Boy's family lives---!  

...Next week, we pick up where Kyle left off
as Cosmic Boy exacts revenge on the fire-balling of his family.
Don't miss it! 


  1. The cover to #289 is one of my all-time favorite Legion covers. And I loved those days of 2 stories, one with Broderick, and one with Giffen. Plus Romeo Tanghal's inks bringing out the 'moody' best of both on covers.

    1. These stories and artwork were first rate and when I first started reading comics again after college I saw an advertisement for " Moondog's Comics in Schaumburg and remember seeing "Legion of Super- Heroes #296,297 & 298 and was hooked again buying all the " Great Darkness " back issues.

      Just good stuff and great memories attached to these books!

  2. As amazing as Levitz/Giffen were, I still feel a twinge of regret about this era. Broderick was also an amazing artist, and I can't help but wonder how things might have gone if he'd stayed with Legion a bit longer.

    1. I agree with Jay. Pat Broderick is the most underrated Legion artist in the team’s history. He brought a huge shift in quality to the book after years and years of mediocrity. He put so much care into his work and brought the characters to life. The future was looking good for the first time in a long time. There’s no denying that Giffen brought talent and love to the Legion. But Broderick (with talent and style) set the book on the right track.