Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sarcasm Kid's 2017 Holiday Wishes

Every year for Legion World I commission a special holiday style piece to post on LW as my gift to its members Lash, Candle, Cleome, Myg, Dev, Fanfic, Rhino, everyone.

But since I've started writing for Super-Bloggers, that means the commission goes out to you guys as well as the guys on LW.

I had an idea for a Doc Mayavale commission from my friend Brooke for years, so I followed up on it after she mentioned she's closing commissions for a while and re-calibrating her prices. I had her focus on many different December holidays instead of just Christmas so nobody would feel excluded.

I know my writing hasn't been as Legion oriented as most hope, but I thank you for providing me another space to talk about the Legion and to further refine some of my ideas a writer.

Happy holidays and Long Live the Legion!