Monday, July 1, 2019

LSB: 5YL!?!

Five. Years. Later.

For Legion of Super-Heroes fans, these three words mean a very specific thing; namely, the series (volume 4) that ran for 125 issues from 1989~2000. Some readers love it, some readers hate it, but all serious Legion fans know of it.

However, for fans of this blog, The Legion of Super-Bloggers, "Five Years Later" as of today means something more. As of today, we have been posting as an official blog five years exactly!

So Happy Birthday to us! Let's channel our internal Elastic Lads and Triplicate Girls and pat ourselves on our collective backs!

Yes, that's right: we have been posting continuously for five years! Our first post "In The Beginning" went live on July 1, 2014. We talked about what we hoped to do on this blog and sort of introduced ourselves. In July and August 2014 we slowly  introduced our content and ourselves. Then since August 26, 2014 we have never missed posting (atleast) five new posts per week!

Our "Three Founders" were The Irredeemable Shagg, Metropolis Kid, Kord Kid, and me, Bilingual Boy. Almost immediately we realized that in order to meet the level of which we wished to post that we needed more than four people! So we quickly added Siskoid Five, the Duo Davids, and Dr. Anj to the team. Super-heroes all!
LSB Group Photo from 2914
Since then, more Super Bloggers have joined, as some Super Bloggers have left. Tragically, we have lost David Sopko and Glenn Walker, but have commemorative statues of them in our hearts.

Currently there are ten full-time (?) Super-Bloggers. Let me introduce you!
Bilingual Boy (aka Russell)
Siskoid Five
Dr. Anj
Legionnaire Lad (aka Condo Arlik)
Sarcasm Kid (aka Jude)
Nostalgic Kid (aka Michael)
Articulated Lad (aka Derek)
Ultra Fan (aka Emsley)
Anachronistic Kid (aka Jason)

Through it all we have continued to fight for Truth, Justice, and the Legion of Super-Heroes' Way.

LSB Group Photo from 2919
 Of course, we would not have maintained this without you, our loyal fans. So thank you for the support, whether you've been along since the beginning or you just stumbled into us today.

I will never forget the day when I checked the statistics on the page and found that more than 500 people had viewed one of our pages. I was dumb-founded, and very humbled. Now, in our five years we have had a collective viewership of more than 1 million "hits." Our new posts average over a hundred of views. We have fans viewing our page from all over the world.

When we started the Legion of Super-Bloggers there was no LSH on-going series; volume 7 had been cancelled in 2013. And now, finally, we're about to get a new Legion of Super-Heroes series!  We are all cautiously optimistic that it won't be TOO awful. We look forward to sharing our review of the series with you, and having wonderful discussions about it as it progresses.

So thank you for all the support you have given us....and let's keep heading into the future!

Hey Legionnaires -- The Irredeemable Shag here! Bilingual Boy asked me to say a few words as I played a role in inspiring the creation of the Legion of Super-Bloggers (LoSB). Russell refers to me as the blog's own personal R.J. Brande. Personally, I prefer to think of myself as Valor (the 1992-94/pre-ZERO HOUR version). He supposedly inspired the Legion, but really his own adventures in the 20th century weren't very inspiring, and then quickly retconned away and forgotten. LOL!

Rather than actually "inspiring" the formation of the LoSB, I was a terrible friend shaming several Legion fans via the WHO'S WHO PODCAST into developing a presence online. The gang ambitiously took up my challenge and created something amazing! The LoSB began as just a chronicle of the varied history of the Legion. Much like the Legion itself, the LoSB has grown into a massive community of friends, looking fondly towards the past, with hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

The LoSB has become one of the premier online sources for information about the Legion! Congratulations to everyone involved for the impressive achievements from this group – including the hard work behind-the-scenes by the Super Bloggers, and the feedback and passion of the readers and commenters. This website and community are truly something special and deserve to be celebrated. Happy birthday, LoSB!

Long Live the Legion (of Super-Bloggers)!


  1. You guys are the best. I check this site every day, just like I do my e-mail, Twitter & IG. Thanks for all the hard work, and letting long-time fans like me praise, rant, vent, and agree or disagree with your musings on such a regular basis. It's very much appreciated.

    And in case I haven't beaten it into the ground enough over the last few years, my five favorite Legionnaires (in no particular order) are: Wildfire, Polar Boy, Timber Wolf, Phantom Girl, and Ultra Boy (with Shadow Lass a veryclosesixth).

    1. Thanks for the support, Ken! We love reading your comments!

      And some of your favorite Legionnaires are correct. Some are not. ;-)

  2. Congratulations on hitting the five-year mark. I was a big Legion fan when I was a kid. I even had a copy of Adventure 300 (long lost) bought off the rack at the local drugstore. But, as happens with growing boys, my interests went into other areas and I stopped buying comics around the time I started college.
    I retired a few years back and started looking through my stuff. I ran across my old comic books, most missing the covers and a few even missing the first page. But the Legion, at least at the beginning, was in the back pages and was mostly spared that. It was like running across a couple dozen friends that I hadn’t seen in decades.
    And when you run across old friends you haven’t seen in a long time, the first thing you wonder is “What have you guys been up to lately?” So I tracked down (online) the later adventures of my childhood favorites. Some I liked (The Great Darkness Saga), some I didn’t (5YL), but it was an interesting trip.
    I’ve long been a model builder, with a range of interests but primarily focusing on space and SF topics. Well, one day between projects, I thought about the idea of building a model of the iconic Super-Hero Clubhouse. Once I got that done, I wanted to share it with folks. First I posted it at my favorite modeling site, but then I thought I’d try to find some Legion fans to share it with. And that’s how I found this blog. (Check your e-mail, Russell, I’ve finished the Time Bubble.)
    So I kept checking in, reading the reviews, commenting and eventually writing the occasional review myself. I’ve had a lot of fun here and want to thank the “original members” for creating this blog.
    Emsley (Ultra Fan) Wyatt (Note: one “L” in the first name.)

    1. Oops, I can spell Tinya Wazzo from memory but I can't remember how to spell YOUR name! Fixed, buddy!
      And Ultra Fan's Time Bubble post is coming at the end of the month. Keep an eye out for it!

    2. No biggie. It's not like I'm not used to it. (For my whole life, I mean, not just you!)

  3. Congratulations guys! I have only recently discovered y'all and given how long it's been since we had any new Legion content I'm impressed with how much good content you consistently come up with! :)

    1. Thanks, Raz!
      We look forward to finally having new Legion material to review. We're actually fighting over who gets to do it....! We might end up doing it by committee. :-)