Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

Welcome to the Future! 

Dream Girl stopped by to wish all of us here in the United Planets a very Happy New Year! Although she knows what is in store for us, she still hopes that we manage to have a safe and healthy 2020! 

While Dream Girl was in the 21st Century she also let us know a few things she sees happening on the Legion of Super-Bloggers in 2020. And as you know, Dream Girl's visions are never wrong....! 

First of all, the big news is that the Legion of Super-Bloggers is paring down. Starting this week the LSB will go from posting new content five days a week to posting only three times a week.

We will continue leading off the week with our Grab-Bag Mondays, with posts alternating between The Legion of Toys goodies by Articulated Lad, the animated series (book *and* cartoon) reviews by Nostalgic Kid, reviews of each new issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 8) as they are published, and various other essays and surprises.  For example, after the reviews of the Karate Kid series are completed in February, we will begin to review the VALOR series. 
However, our Wednesday Who's Who posts have come to an end. We completed our coverage of Who's Who in the Legion and also featured the individual Who's Who profiles from the Threeboot series just yesterday. That means that there is no longer a steady stream of material to cover under that topic. Of course, the seven issues of Who's Who in the Legion included individual special features (such as profiles of Legionnaire planets, a tour of the Legion HQ, and a history of the Legion) that we never featured. Rest assured that all of those mini-featurettes will make their way onto the LSB in 2020.  

Similarly, Dr. Anj has run out of series to review on Fridays With Anj. In fact, Anj has taken a sabbatical to Marzal and will hopefully be back in the new year. He had started to review the last Legion/Legion Academy stories from Adventure Comics when he had to leave; hopefully he will be back in 2020 and pick these up where he left off. If he does, we will re-add him to the mix. 

In the meantime, we have decided to move our two current series' reviews, L.E.G.I.O.N. by Nostalgic Kid and The Reboot Legion by Siskoid and Shotgun, to Wednesdays and Fridays, respectively.  

Posting three times a week instead of five will hopefully give us more time to write more in-depth essays about the Legion in general. For example, I have been wanting to write about the different animals shown in the Legion universe, but have never had the time to do the required research. We have talked about writing about the Legion appearances in Smallville and in Supergirl, but haven't had the time to watch and dissect those episodes, either.  Maybe now we will. And lastly we have wanted to spend more time in Social Media. Maybe now we will have time to post more there, too. 

We look forward to the new year and hope you will continue to enjoy our site as we all go "back" to the future for more great Legion adventures! 

Happy New Year! 

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