Tuesday, February 4, 2020

FW Team-Up: Legion of Super-Heroes and Bugs Bunny

Siskoid teams up with his Reboot writing partner in the Legion of Super-Bloggers, Shotgun, to cover the seminal - SEMINAL, WE SAY! - Legion of Super-Heroes/Bugs Bunny team-up from 2017. We're not kidding around, but maybe the comic is. What a way to start the year, eh?

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Highlights from Legion of Super-Heroes - Bugs Bunny, by Sam Humphries, Tom Grummett and Scott Hanna:
Does this count as a Crisis? (Plus, dueling editors.)
Angst attack!
Bugs, you're not in Kansas anymore!
Cartoon powers!
Another deep cut (and Shotgun's ker-pow moment).
Action Comics homage (collect them all).
To be continued?!
The story is retold in its Silver Age purity in Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
Theme: "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" by Andy Sturmer.

Bonus clips from: "Looney Tunes" starring the voice talent of Mel Blanc and the music of Carl Stalling; "This Is It" from "The Bugs Bunny Show", featuring Mel Blanc and Mel Blanc, music by Mack David and Jerry Livingston.

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  1. The main story looks like it was a bit too goofy, but it had some cool moments. And what a great fit Tom Grummett would be for a decent Legion book!

  2. The art in this is gorgeous.