Monday, March 2, 2020

LEGION TOYS: Lego Mini-Figures

Released in 2015 and 2016 respectively, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy are DC Comics Super-Heroes Mini-Figures from Lego. While Lightning Lad was released at Target as part of a retailer exclusive boxed mini-figure gift set, Cosmic Boy came with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the animated feature, Justice League: Cosmic Clash.

The sculpts are exactly what you'd come to expect from Lego Mini-Figures. Both Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad have the standard male Lego mini-figure body type. The main difference in sculpting comes with their hair pieces. The long-haired sculpt for Lightning Lad looks pretty cool, while the hair sculpt for Cosmic Boy is a bit more conservative. Cosmic Boy also comes with three translucent purple effects pieces to represent his magnetic powers. Unfortunately, all Lightning Lad comes with is a black Lego stand.

There are 7 main points of articulation. The head can rotate 360 degrees, along with the arms and hands. The remaining points of articulation are the legs, which can be rotated forward 90 degrees.

The paint (if you can call it that, more likely everything is tampo/stamp printed on the mini-figures) is well done. However, the whites and light purple swirls on Cosmic Boy's translucent purple effects pieces are really excellent and capture the look of his powers quite well.

For the most part, if you enjoy Lego and the Legion of Super-Heroes, you will probably be happy with these two offerings. I think Cosmic Boy is the better 'bang for your buck' since he comes with effects pieces. I like the hair sculpt on Lightning Lad better, but it's a shame no one thought to pack him with some Lightning Bolt effects pieces. Seems like something that would have been all too easy to include. Also, it's too bad it doesn't look like they'll ever release an official Saturn Girl, which would have at least completed the trio seen in the animated feature.

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  1. Always cool to get reviews on what's out there for figures. Thanks!