Wednesday, July 22, 2020

L.E.G.I.O.N. '92 #46

L.E.G.I.O.N. '92 #46 (November 1992)
title: "Transitions"
writer: Barry Kitson
penciler: Barry Kitson
inkers: Robin Smith & Romeo Tanghal
colors: Bernie Mireault
letters: Gaspar Saladino
editor: Dan Raspler

Recap: Dox led the team to the planet Arga-Prime to deal with insurgents, but found the problem to be more complicated than expected. He learned that the planet's leaders had not been honest with him, and that the population was unhappy due to racial strife. The planet erupted in rebellion, and although he initially resisted choosing sides, Dox offered to send a strike force to capture the Grand Council to avoid more bloodshed. They successfully captured the Council, but learned that they introduced a virus into the oceans that will be carried into the atmosphere, eventually releasing a deadly rainfall on the planet.  Violence erupted among the population and the L.E.G.I.O.N. tried to contain it while searching for a cure. Phase reached out to other planets for help in evacuating Arga-Prime but they resisted.  Fortunately, Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps answered the call.  Meanwhile, Captain Comet succumbed to his recent seizures and lost control of his powers. Strata and Stealth were trying to evacuate the planet when there was a rain fall. They expected the worse, but Dox revealed that it was part of his plan to use the weather to hold off the poison for a while.  Meanwhile, Captain Comet revealed himself to be possessed by an alien entity and he captured Lady Quark.

Whatever is possessing Captain Comet stands triumphant, ready to use Lady Qaurk to began his creepy plan of procreation. (That is so disturbing.) Dox is observing the scene and tries to reach Marij'n to see what she has learned. Unfortunately, she has passed out.

Meanwhile, Phase and Bek are trying to evacuate the planet. She regrets that they will not be able to save the animal life but he tries to reassure her that there is a ton of bio-matter in the hold to regrow most of the species. Telepath calls for Phase and she goes to meet with Dox. At the same time, Hal Jordan uses his ring to help evacuate the planet. He is briefly interrupted by the arrival of Lobo, but it doesn't distract him enough to interrupt his mission.
The new recruits observe the evacuation while some of the populace expresses sadness. One of them notes that they believed their world to be the jewel in the crown of creation until now and that all of their hopes remain in despair. Strata tries to organize the evacuation, but while the team works hard, it continues to be a struggle.

Dox remains focused on Comets' possession of Lady Quark, and Lobo bursts onto the scene to try to take on Comet. The recruits attempt to help, and hold their own for a while.  Dox calls on everyone to reinforce their attack while he works with Stealth and Telepath on a plan.

While Lobo and Comet battle, Dox analyzes the situation and asks Stealth if the genetics lab contains a record of Lady Quark's DNA. He asks Phase to partially materialize in Comet, which should force the alien out of his host and enable them to trap it. Garv is holding the new Lady Quark, which is a DNA mass inside a tube meant to attract Comet.  Dox's plan seems to work at first in trapping the alien, and Garv is able to contain him in the cylinder, which seems to soak up energy like a sponge. Before the team can take a breather, a grotesque creature that was what possessed Comet emerges from the tube.

So this continues another installment of this great arc in the series. I have not commented on the art for a while so I should note that it has been uneven of late with different artists handling the chores. But it was nice to see Barry Kitson handling it in this issue. As I have mentioned before, I will always associate this series with him more than any other artist so anytime he handles art on an issue makes me feel right at home.

Although I still suspect that the explanation for Comet's behavior may not have been what was originally planned, I still like how the storyline is playing out. He is probably the most noble character in the series since Lyrissa died, so seeing him corrupted is especially disturbing.  The new recruits have been pushed into the background for a while, expect for Lydea, so it was nice to see them hanging around throughout the issue. I have complained a bit about how Lobo is handled in the series, with too much emphasis placed on comic relief, but he was used very well in this issue.

Dox is back to his confident old self, which only makes me recall how skeptical I was that he was so easily taken in my G'odd's daughter in the last storyline. Nevertheless, he had the team working well together, and even Stealth was listening to him. It is already obvious that his plan has not worked out quite as he intended, but I am sure he will pull things together soon. Please check back next week to see how he does it!


  1. re: the art, this is a gorgeous looking comic and a gorgeous looking comic cover.

  2. I agree about the great art. Especially about the captivating cover. But, I am biased. Phantom Girl (Phase) is not just one of my favorite Legionnaires, but one of my favorite DC characters of all time. Partially because of this series, which does her justice.