Monday, January 4, 2021

LEGION TOYS: Supergirl (DC Universe Classics)

A thousand years from now, a team of teenagers - - all from vastly different worlds, all with different abilities - - have been inspired by ancient legends to create a "Super-Hero Team." Together as the Legion of Super-Heroes, they represent the single most fervent hope and dream of underagers galaxywide - - a chance to show the adults who's boss.

Sent in a rocket from the remains of Krypton as a teenager, Kara Zor-El was trapped in suspended animation before she arrived on Earth years after her cousin, Superman. Now living in the 31 Century with the Legion of Super-Heroes, Kara fights for truth, justice and the Kryptonian Way as Supergirl!

The Michael Turner designed Supergirl costume was offered as a six inch action figure in the Kryptonite Chaos DC Universe Classics Two-Pack alongside a DC Super Heroes Select Sculpt Lex Luthor. In fact, this version of Supergirl was also a re-pack, originally released in DC Super Heroes Select Sculpt Series 3.

The head sculpt is excellent, with the lips, nose, cheekbones and eyes all really standing out. The hair is sculpted in a flowing manner, as if the wind were blowing or Supergirl was hovering in the air. The plastic cape is sculpted in a similar fashion with both the hair and the cape leaning toward the right side of Supergirl.

The elastic bands on her tube top at the waist, neck and hands are sculpted and even the 'S' shield is individually sculpted!!! The skirt is sculpted well and made of the same plastic as the cape. The boot cuffs and heels are specially sculpted as well.

I count 20 points of articulation for Supergirl in total. Her neck can presumably move in a 360 rotation, but you may need to be wary of the hair sculpt getting in the way of the rotation. Head really can't move up or down, or at at least it won't hold the pose, so I can't really give it those points. Arms can move up and down, as well as rotate in a circular fashion. There are bicep cuts that swivel and single joints at the elbow. The fists can rotate. There is no ab-crunch, but in its place is a waist swivel cut at the tube top cut-off point. If not for the sculpted skirt, the legs would move up and back. She can attempt to do the splits, but the sculpted skirt again hinders this articulation. Single-Knee joints and ankle tilts for forward and backward motion complete the standard articulation.

Paint applications for Supergirl are pretty outstanding. Her hair is blonde, but with a nice brown wash that really accentuates the hair sculpt. The face paint applications are immaculate. The light tan eyebrows, tweezer-thin black line work for the eyes and lashes, tweezer-thin blue line work for the irises, impeccable pink wash under the eyelids and cheekbones for makeup on her face, along with a darker tone of pink for her lips. I just don't think they do hand painted applications like this anymore. Blues and Reds match on the skirt and cape with the tube top and boots. I think the red is more maroon than I'd prefer, but the red tone on the sculpted 'S' shield is just fine. The yellow on the elastic bands, boot cuffs and hands are all well done. The yellow on the sculpted 'S' shield does get a bit sloppy, but it is not noticeable unless under close inspection.

I think this is a extremely well made figure for somewhat static poses. The sculpt and paint applications really shine through here. The articulation is probably where it comes up a bit short. Like her cousin, Superman, the thing that would be nice to have in a flying Supergirl figure is a well-done 90 degree angle neck tilt for upward motion for a flying pose. In addition, the hard plastic on the cape and especially the skirt make even hovering flight poses somewhat of a challenge. I suppose the costume design also comes with its own share of controversy. Of the Mattel six-inch DC offerings, I prefer this version since it's closer to a classic blue and red look for Supergirl and is the specific look when the Maid of Might joined the 'Threeboot' Legion. However, if you prefer your Kara Zor-El in other more specific looks, you may need to look elsewhere for your six-inch Supergirl fix.

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