Monday, February 15, 2021

The Legion on Super-Team Family The Lost Issues

Imagine living in a world where all comic characters were “under one roof,” where you could walk into a comic store and find a book in which your favorite characters could team up or battle without regard for who owns what. 

Well, we don’t live in that world, but we can get a tantalizing peek at what it might look like thanks to Ross Pearsall over at

He takes characters and situations from all of the major comic book companies, puts them in the blender and creates some pretty tasty concoctions, And he puts a new one up every freakin’ day!  Iron Man meets Green Lantern.  The Justice League battles Ultron. Adam Strange and Doctor Strange (Long-lost brothers).  And one of my personal faves, The Creeper versus The Green Goblin. 

And it isn’t just the “big boys” you’ll find here.  No character or book is too obscure to escape Ross’s treatment.  The X-Files and Swamp Thing.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampirella. Quantum Leap and Sliders.

Some of the covers are laugh-out-loud funny.  Others make you wish that you could actually read the darn story.  But this is, after all, a Legion of Super-Heroes site.  So let’s look at some of his Legion-related covers....starting with one from last March, which inspired this article: The Legion vs. The Avengers! I'd buy that for a dollar all right! 

An earlier one shows the Legion meeting up with the Silver Surfer.

And Ross put the Legion up against Galactus himself a few times! 

Typically, Ross primarily used characters from Marvel and DC but, as I noted earlier he does go farther afield and uses characters like The Rocketeer.

Solo Legionnaires also get their cover time, like Timber Wolf:

Karate Kid:

And Ferro Lad.

Even ancillary characters aren’t left out.  Like Insect Queen:

The Subs,

Even the Super-Pets get their due. They appear several times. 

Even villains like the Fatal Five show up, here battling the Fantastic Four:

Two of the most sentimental choices are two that Ross put together using art by Dave Cockrum. They need no explanation from long-time Legion fans. 

So if you’ve got some time to kill, head over to Ross’s site.  I visit it daily, just to see what he’s done now.  You can search for your favorite hero, group, or villain or just hit “Surprise Me.” You can leave comments, or even make suggestions. If you enjoy what he's doing, you can even support him via Patreon. Have fun.


  1. His is the only other site I check daily besides this one. So much good stuff! The Cockrum one with the X-Men and Legion is one of my all-time favorites - just imagine a world with a Dave-drawn Legion epic with a young Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Colossus and Storm along for the ride. #DreamComeTrue (as long as the writer wasn't tempted to put Brin in the Wolverine role).

  2. That second Legion/Galactus cover was from "Comics Feature" magazine #15. (The Legion portion, anyway.)

  3. That Timber Wolf/Wolverine cover nailed it.

  4. Doesn't he have an Ultra Boy and Dawnstar cover too? Love that site.